Is Elisabeth Moss appropriate choice for drama school graduation speaker?


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I'm at a play date and just saw this come across my Twitter feed.. No time to paste the full article.but it is worth a read!!
@wcsrevolution: My new piece on #Scientology! Why Removing Elisabeth Moss from Grad Speaker position is the right move" #GoingClear

***one thing I'd like to know more about how often she has spoken positively of the church..I've only ever seen one snipit in an interview a few years ago.


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Good article. There goes another stream of fresh meat.

That being said, you'd hardly think any actor would not know by now that Scientology is the best way to sink your acting career.

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Well I can already hear Moss and other Scilon's comparing their "persecution" to that of the Jews.

If I were a Jew I'd be fuckin pissed with the comparison. Actually, I'm pissed anyway. :angry:

The comparison is not even remotely the same.

Despite the inevitable Scilon whining to come, I think that Ms. Moss is not an appropriate choice, unless she agrees to STFU about her answer the question.