IS Independent’s Day Weekend


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I think the "hazed out" guy is John Brosseau. I'm guessing they didn't want anyone to know he was there at that particular time, now it doesn't matter... he's no longer there.

Marty un-hazed it on his blog, but thetanic on WWP claims that the photo was shooped. It does look like a broader guy in the photo then the one before.



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More specifically:

No -- new guy has no hat and is wearing a different-colored shirt and is at a slightly different angle.

New shirt is blue (slightly purple) and is a button-down, old shirt was green and looked more like a t-shirt.

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That's not what I see (after a brief inspection).
They appear to be 2 separate photos, check out the guy to haze-guys right and the guy above him, it's a different shot.
The unhazed image is 650x379, the hazed image is 650x335, perhaps that's why the guy appears to be less "broad".
The colors are different in each but the shirt appears to be the same shirt (though pixilated and squashed up a bit).
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lol I was doing the same thing

look at the guy next to "JB" and the the guy above him, either they shooped the whole area or it's a different moment in time.
If you still doubt this; look at that beautiful dog, he wasn't taking orders to "hold a pose" from no steenkin' photographer!
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Enough of the poses were similar that I'd assumed it was a local shoop, but Panda's right, it is from a different moment in time, probably with that one dude swapped out.


Sneaks, the photo was changed.

I figured that out after looking further on the thread.

But I reckon the reason why is "Nunya" as far as most of this crowd is concerned.

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True. Doesn't mean we're not curious and can't look -- especially when one puts a mystery in plain sight. :)