Is OSA ANZO Insane?

Oh my God!! 'They aren't supported by the C of S'. That's utter crap. The woman in charge of it in NZ is indeed a scientologist anyway .... she has one of those
pewky pages

IS this what you're referring to?

..... and welcome to Helen Smith’s personal web site.

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And I wonder if this is the same Helen Smith?

Helen M. Smith STATE OF CLEAR Source 60 1987-12-01
Helen Smith SUNSHINE RUNDOWN Source 60 1987-12-01
Helen M. Smith OT PREPARATIONS Source 60 1987-12-01
Helen Smith ARC STRAIGHTWIRE EXPANDED Source 104 1997-01-01
Helen Smith DYNAMIC SORT-OUT ASSESSMENT Source 104 1997-01-01
Helen Smith INT BY DYNAMICS Source 104 1997-01-01
Helen Smith VOLUNTEER MINISTER COURSE Auditor 303 2002-12-01
Helen Smith STAFF STATUS I Celebrity 345 2003-02-01
Helen Smith MARRIAGE COURSES Celebrity 345 2003-02-01
Helen Smith SOLO CERTAINTY COURSE Advance ANZO 166 2003-08-01
Helen Smith HAPPINESS RUNDOWN Advance ANZO 167 2003-09-01
Helen Smith COMMAND OF THETA COURSE Freewinds 64 2006-09-01
Helen Smith ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN MIND CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 64 2006-09-01

Just wondering..................?

Once bitten

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Yes, that's the page. I put a link up to it earlier. She never states her Youth Human Rights group has anything to do with scientology, but here is the proof.

Once bitten

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Here's something else of interest - link below. She put in a submission to the government in NZ to try and have ECT banned. I'm not a great fan of ECT, but there are people who feel that they have benefitted from it. Helen Smith obviously thinks shes doing the right thing, but is merely just another puppet or robot. It's high time that the people she is trying to influence are told that she is a scientologist trying to push scientology. TRying to recruit people through scientology's Youth for Human Rights Youth awards is just plain wrong imo. Come clean Dr Helen Smith. Tell the people who you are and what you are trying to do, and that is make money for your precious pyramid scheme cult.

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Hitler Youth

Does it remind you of the Hitler Youth ?
(if not you should read a book on that)

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing ?

There is nothing wrong with human rights, but this

"Do as I say, not as I do is getting old.


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This insanity continues with a justification and an appeal (?) on Australia's ABC this morning, Monday 23rd November.

Scientologist propaganda sent to 'most schools in Australia'

By Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop for AM and News Online

An international group sponsored by the Church of Scientology says it has been targeting children in schools across Australia for at least three years.
The Youth For Human Rights group has been distributing DVDs and brochures that spread its message about rights and name Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard as a leader on the issue alongside Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

The New South Wales education minister confirmed yesterday that primary schools had been ordered not to hand out the material, but a volunteer from the group has revealed its efforts are far more widespread than the State Government appears to have suspected.

Tara Kuru, 25, was encouraged by the Church of Scientology to contact the ABC to hose down concerns about the material, but her attempt is likely to backfire.

"Most schools in Australia would have at least seen the booklet once or twice," she said. "For like nine out of 10, I've had nothing but positive responses."

The material, funded by the Church of Scientology, outlines the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and directs readers and viewers to contact the Youth For Human Rights group.

Information about the Church of Scientology's involvement in the DVDs and brochures is left to the fine print. Ms Kuru says the declaration is clear enough.

"The fact that the funding is provided by the Church of Scientology is not hidden at all..." she said. "In all the work that I've done, I've never promoted Scientology."

NSW education minister Verity Firth has described the material as "a marketing exercise for Year 6 students".

A spokeswoman says the minister only found out on Friday, from a Sydney journalist, that the material had been sent to some of the state's primary schools.

She ordered the Education Department to email all primary school principals, reminding them the church was not allowed to conduct activities in the state's public schools.

But the NSW Government has been aware of Youth For Human Rights at least since March 2007, when the group held a seminar at Sydney's Parliament House and distributed the brochures to teenage participants.

Ms Kuru says the group has sent the material to "most" primary and secondary schools over the past three years.
'Recruitment exercise'

Federal independent Senator Nick Xenophon says the admission shows governments across Australia need to be more vigilant against Scientologists.
"They're not being upfront about their affiliations," he said. "This shouldn't be used a recruitment mechanism for new members of the Church of Scientology."

The Senator is pushing for a federal inquiry into the church's tax-free status, as well as allegations of abuse, forced abortions and imprisonment, fraud and blackmail.

He suggests the religion has been plagued by misconduct since its foundation.
"Putting L Ron Hubbard in the same league as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi is laughable, but it's also very serious in the context of the sorts of things that L Ron Hubbard got up to when he was running the Church of Scientology," Senator Xenophon said.

But Ms Kuru says the Scientology founder and science fiction author deserves to be on the group's list of "famous human rights leaders" because "he's made some very profound help towards human rights."

"Going back into the things that he did, he wants people to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because that's a basic of life, that's how people get along in life and that's like the foundation of the rules for human existence," she said.

"People contribute to human rights in many different ways."
Ms Kuru says she has personally approached several schools with the DVDs and brochures. A Sydney primary school has confirmed it received the material and threw it out.

But NSW Primary Schools Principals Association president Geoff Scott says the reference to Scientology could have gone unnoticed at other schools.
"It's possible, but generally, if there are things that are likely to be controversial, it raises a little concern in the minds of principals to check out the source of the material and I guess on this occasion there have been some concerns expressed," Mr Scott said.
Scientologist background

The Church of Scientology describes Youth For Human Rights as a secular organisation.

Ms Kuru grew up in a family of Scientologists but says she is no longer a member of the church and now has a Christian husband and a one-year-old son.

She says she follows some aspects of Scientology but keeps her mind open about religion.

The 25-year-old from Sydney says she discovered Youth For Human Rights by coincidence five years ago, when she was researching human rights on the internet.

She says she went to the group's conference in New York in 2004 and decided to join.

When asked by the ABC how old she was at the time, Ms Kuru misstated her age, first saying she was 17. Upon questioning, she said she was 18, before deciding she was "nearly 19".

If she was nearly 19 in 2004, Tara Kuru would be 24 this year.
Asked how she would respond to those who may doubt her story, she said, "I don't care."

"What religion I was brought up in doesn't matter," she said. "If I was helping World Vision which has a very Christian background which they promote, why would it matter? I'm helping people."

Ms Kuru said she had neither experienced nor heard of allegations of the kind tabled by Senator Xenophon in Parliament last week.

Ms Kuru says Youth For Human Rights has chapters in most Australian states, with 20 to 100 members each, and 130 chapters internationally.
She says the group has 30 sponsors in Australia and overseas, on top of the Church of Scientology.

"Most of them are not even Scientologists. They're just interested in the Universal Declaration of Human rights being promoted..." she said.
"I personally know of about three people in Sydney... One of them is a lady who works in a prison and she has no association to Scientology whatsoever. She is just a person who gave her money towards helping to print booklets because she's interested in people knowing about human rights as well.
"I know of another local business, being a convenience store, and they have helped provide funding. And also a Chinese business within the city of Sydney, helping to promote the use for human rights in the Chinese community. None of those people are Scientologists."

Ms Kuru says she believes Senator Xenophon is to blame for the sudden interest in her group.

She wants to water down the community's fears about Youth For Human Rights but her claims might just cause the concerns to swell.

These people are so-called PR experts, yet they are intent on keeping these attacks on scientology alive in the media, contrary to the basic rules of PR. All I can say is thank you, to OSA for keeping the subject alive.

Regards, David.
Nelson Mandela is just a communist...

In the early 90's I was being asked to contribute to some inane IAS campaign in South Africa. Somehow this was connected with getting some so-called tech out there because "Nelson Mandela is really just a communist". When I questioned this the reply was "Well Int Management wouldn't lie would they?" That's when I decided that I would have to leave.

Funny that they now like to co-opt him for their "human rights campaign".


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In the early 90's I was being asked to contribute to some inane IAS campaign in South Africa. Somehow this was connected with getting some so-called tech out there because "Nelson Mandela is really just a communist". When I questioned this the reply was "Well Int Management wouldn't lie would they?" That's when I decided that I would have to leave.

Funny that they now like to co-opt him for their "human rights campaign".
I guess they didn't tell you that Hubbard once offered Emeters and training to the apartheid regime to detect suspected terrorists. "So Mr Mandela, your needle is not floating! Off to prison you go!"