Is Scientology Imploding? Watching the Panic after Debbie Cooks email


This is funny because I read "Gods of Eden" while at Flag getting auditing in the HGC. I remember Rick Alexander (Class XII) recommending that I read "Behold a Pale Horse" when he saw me reading "Gods of Eden". I guess he hadn't been handled yet.

What happened was that many staff and public were LOVING the book. There was a period where it was being recommended and passed around.

THEN the HCO and OSA investigations were done, and it became TABOO. But, there was a period where MANY were reading and recommending it BEFORE the invest and handlings began in earnest.


So much for pan-determinism, huh? :confused2: :duh:

Rather than making people more able, Scientology indoctrination seems to disable them...

This is just a huge outpoint for me...being told what you can read, what you can look at on the Internet, who you can communicate with, what you can discuss...what you should think. :ohmy:

How is this not totalitarianism? I ask you?

Yes it IS totalitarianism, but then, I am sure you already know that asking me THAT is rhetorical! :yes:

Scientology can help make a person become more "able" in some aspects (better confront, work harder, complete cycles of action, become more persistent, handle communication better, become calmer, etc.), but also though, just as you say it GREATLY disables them in a great many OTHER regards.

Because of KSW and the severe 100% all-or-none "LRH and Scientology are RIGHT" enforced mentality, critical thinking skills and the ability to honestly observe are greatly DISABLED. The strict ideology and range of adopted Scientology fixed ideas act to interfere with and prevent Church members from benefitting from the fruits of their own honest observations.

Hubbard explained the nature of "fixed ideas" quite well. And, he also installed a great many of them (fixed ideas) into the minds of his followers by the very structure and nature of the Scientology indoctrination system! These fixed ideas function to disable 1) additional learning and 2) honest observation exactly as Hubbard described.

Once again Hubbard explained very well an actual mechanism of the human mind - fixed ideas - and then USED THAT DATA AGAINST YOU to manipulate and control you. The Church organization continues to also do, just as designed by Hubbard.
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He lied. But then, what else is new? Lying is SOP for Scientology-trained and Scientology-influenced people.

After I read the book it was OBVIOUS that he must have had contact with more than a little Scientology "data". I can't recall the details now, having read the book almost 20 years ago, but he outlines things like "greatest good", "ethics", etc.

I never researched this before today, because as I said it was OBVIOUS that he MUST have been a Scientologist at some earlier point in his life. I have come to trust my "gut instincts", because too often when I do take the time to verify what I "grok", it turns out to be just as I anticipated (by intuition).

Here is what I came up with after searching Google for 2 minutes:

From The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, reviewed by Jim Keith:

You had a terrific attachment. How do you do attachments? I've never seen that before.

Also I read The Gods of Eden a long time ago, don't remember when. There was an address in San Jose. It turned out to be a UPS Mailboxes, ETc. store. He had given up the mail drop. That was the extent of my research.


You had a terrific attachment. How do you do attachments? I've never seen that before.

Also I read The Gods of Eden a long time ago, don't remember when. There was an address in San Jose. It turned out to be a UPS Mailboxes, ETc. store. He had given up the mail drop. That was the extent of my research.

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Terril park

I'm a current member at the Church of Scientology.

I received the email from Debbie. It was very interesting... Much of what she discussed are things that I already wondered about myself.

When I reported it to HCO, I was immediately placed in a locked room and given an Ethics Interview.

I was told that reading her email was a "serious Ethics offense."

Now, I have been put on Ethics lines and am being investigated by OSA as a potential plant.

It's very humilaiating.... I am dissapointed in the Church's handling of this issue. It definitely seems paranoid and is doing way more damage to my trust in Management than a single email ever could.

Anyways, I just thought I'd provide an inside look at what is happening right now as a result of Debbie's email.

Note that there are more LRH trained auditors in the Independent/Freezone than in the COS. And they are better
and cheaper. :)

Now for fun lets look at your experience from the point of view of
the 12 attributes of an SP.

2. Deals in bad news, critical or hostile remarks inval and general suppression. [ Ticks all the boxes there!]

3. Alters comm to worsen. Good news is stopped bad news embellished.
[ The good news is the 17 year FSO CO pointing out policy is violated in
crush reging for big buildings.]

4. Does not respond to reform etc. [ probably didn't listen to the correct PL refs Debbie and probably yourself made]

5. Surrounding such....cowed associates.[ Clearly not a happy experience for you]

6. Selects wrong target. [ You made the report to correct channels and were targeted.]

7. Cannot finish a cycle of action. [ well they havn't have they. You are being investigated, and will probably not get back on lines again]

8. Confess to alarming crimes. [ well they are committing one by
invest5igating you as a potential plant. Also wrong target]

9. rages against and attacks anything constructive.[ like Debbie and no doubt yourself]

10. Approves destructive actions.[ locking you up and investigating you]

11. Helping others drives the SP berserk. [ Debbie was helping] Supports acivities which destroy in the name of help. [locking you up and investigating you]

12. Bad sense of property. [ they locked up your body:) ]

OK Missed on 1. Speaks in broad generalities. I lack enough data to say.

So your E/O and OSA personel are probably not SP. They are however acting in an SP valence. That of command intention from DM.