Is Scientology Racist?

Lulu Belle

Hubbard was definitely racist. And sexist. He was basically a white guy from Nebraska who was born in the early 1900s. He had all the prejudices you would expect someone like him to have. He wasn't above his upbringing any more than any other average Joe.

That being said: I was in the Sea Org and I can honestly say I didn't find that environment to be particularly racist. Or sexist, for that matter. There was too much of a desperate need for warm bodies to be all that concerned about someone's sex or skin color. Mixed marriages were very common and no one seemed to think anything of it.

The environment of the SO, in my opinion, tended to "level the playing field" in a lot of ways. What your background was before you got there didn't matter a whole lot once you were there and functioning. It might prevent you from going uplines if there was something in your history that was a problem, but other than that, no one really seemed to care. It was its own world and your life before was considered to be unimportant.

As an example...Jesse Price was black, a wog recruit, and a friend of mine who was on the EPF with him said he smoked pot while on the EPF. Yet he rose up to be one of the top people in RTC at one point. So, you never know.

Interesting thing about blacks in the Sea Org. There weren't a whole lot of them, but most of the ones I knew were squeaky clean. HCO qual'd. Most of the ones I knew were either in HCO or Security, both of which require a clean 2D and drug free history.

La La Lou Lou

One thing I took away from Scientology was the idea that any sort of discrimination based on someone's body type is not proper. I consider this part of my current religious belief system.

FWIW I was black one lifetime ago and Thai four lifetimes ago.


It was something that always confused me, why should people who believed they had lived many thousands of lives in different bodies think like xenophobic misogynists? People who signed SO contracts for a billion years, yet could only see the culture they were born into and looked down their noses at everyone not from their era or area. People who must have had a variety of bodies but couldn't communicate with or understand anyone of the opposite sex, or a different race. Scientologists never made much sense to me. Scientology is not racist, but scientologists sometimes are, and the flounder was.

Helena Handbasket

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Actually, the term 'wog' was short for golliwog, a racist term for Indians. When they later realised how disgusting this sounded, they invented the acronym as a shore story. The term for this is a backronym, ie, it didn't used to be an acronym, but one was created afterwards to explain it.
So it seems we need a new word.

But first, the definition: someone who lives their life strictly as a "meat body" person. They have no interest in learning about anything "higher" or spiritual, except maybe to accept the teachings of their local mainstream religion preacher, wholesale and without question.

They play the "game of life", which basically comes down sleep, eat, make babies, work, save money, grow old, and die. They are happy to live this way as they KNOW this is how life should be lived.

My favorite replacement word for this is "earthworm". Astar had a word, too, which was "meatball".

Informal poll: should we keep the old word or should we use a new one, and if so, which one? Or should we just not bother?


P.S: I made up my own backronym. It's MOJO, which now stands for Motivation to Obtain a Joyous Outcome. :biggrin:
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The term 'wog' (technically an acronym, as originally it meant "worthy oriental gentleman", disrespectfully) does indeed come from the days of the British empire. We've discussed this before. It's almost inevitable that when Blubbard was reinventing himself to match the image that Stain Hill Manor conferred, he'd start using such terms. Classic Hubbard fakery and not quite getting it right.

My memory of this from college days was that 'WOGS' was an acronym from the days of the British empire which meant 'worker on government service' Because they were black and could not be seen as well at night (apparently) they were called 'ghouls' and from there comes the term Ghouli
Wogs or 'golliwog'. In the UK in the 60's when casual racism was de rigeur 'golliwog' was a widely used racial slur, but also the main advertising character in a popular range of jams (or jello to you Yanks) Notice what I did there?:biggrin:
Starting a new thread to explore the possibility that Scien is a racist group. Over my 30 years in Scientology in America, I saw 3 African Americans. None in high positions. Let's face it....Scientology is "lily white"....LoL

What about Australia? Any Aboriginals in Scien there?

What about South Africa? Any Blacks in Scien there?

What about England?

Another point..... Could this lack of racial diversity be used against Scien some way?

In my opinion, racist, sexist and homophobic! When you have time, Leland (and Hello Lurkers, you too!) please read this thread I started about the offensiveness of the term "wog", thanks!:!