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Is the St Louis Org at the breaking point?

Jim Little

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Do we have any St Louis Org staff or public lurking here because you finally applied the doubt formula? Are you finally at your breaking point with the endless fundraising for donations which they are now calling gifts?

Its hard to resolve your doubts and confusions because you are not actually given the facts of what is really going on with Scientology out in the real world. You are not allowed to search and evaluate what is really going on because you are only allowed to watch the annual events telling you how great things are and how much new square footage you got this year. You can only go to the approved Scientology websites that give you the same wonderful information.

You have no idea that you really only have about 40,000 members worldwide and I think I am being generous on that number. You are not in the millions like you have been told. You are not told that your Narconon are being hammered along with your other 4th dynamic campaign groups.

Its not just you in St Louis that have not grown in the last 3 decades, its everywhere. You do not have new orgs opening up around the world, you have new buildings opening up that are full for the grand opening because they bus people in for it. You know this is true because you guys took bus loads of staff and public to them from St Louis. They just replace old empty buildings with new empty buildings.

You bought your "Ideal Org" building in 2007 and now 5 years later after squeezing all most all you can out of the St Louis area you have renovated the auditorium and put a new roof on the building. If you build it they still will not come, sorry.

Scientology goal is to clear the planet right, and get rid of the insanity right? You all have been there since the mid 60's and you haven't even been able to clear enough people to fill any square block in St Louis.

You don't create clears, you don't create auditors. You have created more enemies and suppressive people than you have created clears and auditors.

I do hope that someone of you stubble upon this site and read this post, I really do. I know if you actually looked outside your controlled environment and see the truth of your situation it would all make sense. I know you are trapped by fear. Fear of losing family and friends because they have the same fears. It's insanity at its finest.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Jim Little

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I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. The executives are getting their ducks in a row while the ship is sinking.

If your St Louis Org is flourishing and prospering and you see a big and bright future for it then why do the 4 top executives of this organization have to moonlight for extra money.

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Wow Jim, you must be an SP or something. I'm sure that these people are making more than enough money as Execs at the St. Louis Org. They simply have such a high ethics level that the are filling the dire need in the wog world for LRH's awesome admin tech.


Wake up St Louis! We'll leave the light on for ya.