Israel TV Channel 10: Independent Scientology Dror Center Israel Documentary


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Israel TV Channel 10: Independent Scientology Dror Center Israel Documentary


Published on Dec 9, 2014

Dror Center Israel - Dani & Tani Lemberger were both deemed "Suppressive Persons" by the Church of Scientology in 2013 after they voiced concerns over controversies surrounding the Management of the Church. One of Israel's top TV channels, Channel 10 covers their story in this documentary.


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Scientologists Back in comm: Exclusive! Dror Center vs RCS – National TV coverage

In this form of Independent Scientologese RCS = Radical Church of Scientology (i.e., the mainstream corporate Church of Scientology).

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BIC is proud to present this important announcement – our thanks to Dani & Tami Lemberger for permission to cover this story.

Recently BIC reported that a lawsuit has been brought against the Church by Dani & Tami Lemberger of the Dror Center in Israel. As a refresher, you can read that article here.

This lawsuit has generated much interest which recently resulted in a documentary about the Lembergers and the church’s disconnection policy, prepared by one of Israel’s top TV channels, Channel 10. This aired on prime time, Saturday evening of 29 Nov 2014. There have also been several newspaper articles.

For a bit of background:

Dani & Tami started doing Scientology in San Francisco in 1980 and progressed up both sides of the Bridge rapidly. During 1989 -1991 they were on lines at Flag. During this time Tami trained at Flag as a Grad V auditor and C/S. Dani did Admin and Ethics training. They both got onto OT 7, Solo NOTs, in November 1991.

In 1992 they returned to their hometown, Haifa, in Israel and opened Dror Center (Dror means “Freedom” in Hebrew), first as a field group then as as a Mission under the Church. Their mission expanded steadily and became one of the largest missions on the planet. (When they were still a field group, in 2000 and 2002, Tami was twice awarded “Top field auditor of the World”).

After years of observing severe outpoints they left the church in June 2012, with all the mission staff and most public leaving with them.

Since 2012 Dror has been delivering the full Bridge, including OT levels. Dror is continuing to expand and now caters to public arriving from Russia, Germany and the U.S. Also, many Israeli Scientologists who left the church are now moving up the Bridge at Dror.

Following their declare in June 2012, the church began a campaign to damage them personally and destroy Dror Center. The Lembergers turned to the courts and on 2nd November 2014 filed a lawsuit against the church at the Tel Aviv District Court.

The lawsuit documents can be seen here.

Also featured in the documentary are Professor of Physics, Aharon Friedman and his wife Ofra (not shown, she was shy). Aharon and Ofra have been Scientologists since the 1970’s. They lived in the USA for about 30 years – the last 20 years in Clearwater. Their daughter, Noah, is in the SO at Flag, their son Gal is on lines at the New York Org. Aharon has become vocal in his criticism of Miscavige and they were declared SP’s about two months ago. Their two children have now disconnected from them.

Click on the link below to see the full documentary:

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This is HUGE imo. Though these 2 are still practicing scientology....independently......they have broken with the Cult....and are suing them.

Subtitles in English...

This is a HUGE black eye for the a new area of the world...Israel....

This is a NEW lawsuit for the contend with.

This is a new loss of income....and prestige for the Cult.

This is a new thorn in the side for DM...and the Cult.

This is a great video....and tells the truth about the Cult's disconnection policy....and using private information derived from a given in the attack and harm these 2 that have left the Cult....never to return.

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I've seen a shorter version of this program, in which there's also included a part where someone who's acquainted with the Lambergers tried to enter the building at Jaffa, and a staff member approached and forbade it, saying "there are people trying to hurt us, and you're their friend" (or something along those lines). It starts at 11:57. No translation though.

Terril park

I fell in love with Tami. And her very large screen meter.

Dror Mission has been doing really well since it left CO$

I just saw this for the first time.

As I mentioned on another thread the new religion academics
are abandoning much support for CO$. Here is Prof James Lewis
at Dror talking of how he considers the independents to be
out producing CO$ and related matters.


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i want that laptop meter

can't wait for the day the church is successfully sued for leaking confessional data, if that's not illegal it should be


i want that laptop meter

It is neat looking.

can't wait for the day the church is successfully sued for leaking confessional data, if that's not illegal it should be

IIRC, it was sued for that, and, many other things, about thirty years ago.

It's certainly been recognized by judges as a standard practice.

Using confessional data has been occurring since at least the 1960s.

La La Lou Lou

The problem with attacks in Israel is that religious cloaking can't work there. It isn't a defence. Scn can't be a religion there, or it wouldn't be allowed to recruit new members.

Such a shame.....