It's complicated!!


Thank you all for your responses and your thoughts and feelings about groups and the complications of starting again after scn. Please continue to add anymore experiences of groups if you have any. I recently did a week of Art Therapy which was quite a revelation and it was during this week I discovered that despite my reluctance to be 'in a group', I actually feel more comfortable and happier within a group than I do on my own. Which I guess is understandble considering my upbringing in scn. When I say group, I mean the group of my family, my friends, social groups, work etc. Although I do struggle with the group of work, hierarchies, agendas etc. and this is something I try to resolve and work through on a daily basis. I often have to remind myself that my work place is not the Sea Org.

To be in a group, or not to be in a group?? I guess that is my question??!!:happydance: