Janet Reitman on AOL front page 8/31/2011 OT Levels Scientology secrets


Awesome find !!! :clap:

I wish the clip were longer and she went deeper into it but it would've been too controversial for AOL. I think it's so controversial enough that they put that up, but good to see they are willing to take that risk and put some information about it out there on their front page!! Good for them!!

Auditor's Toad

Clear as Mud
The more DM & OSA mess with people the more that gets people to tell the truth.

Good work Davie boy, make another trash talking video and see who else get lots of media attention exposing more about scientology.

What a bunch of inept clowns running that show !

Oh if anybody still has money on deposit with that outfit? Better get it quick as that old ship is sinking fast!