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Janet Reitman on the Independent Movement

... And, Reitman must spend a lot more time talking about DM than some others did in the past, simply because he has now been running things for quite a while, and Hubbard, being dead, must be treated differently than he was before (in some aspects). But surely Reitman deals with the evils of elron too? ( I have not read the book). ...

The book is entitled "Inside Scientology" and that is what it is about. It was not written as a catalog of the 'evils of elron' but as a general overview of the existing church of scientology and how it came to be the institution it is today. It deals with a wide number of issues and reports concerning the church, both since the rise of Miscavige as well as the early days with Hubbard. Much of the history is covered, although much of the personal testimony cited is drawn from the last few decades. The book does not purport to be a catalog of the 'evils' of scientology but is instead an attempt to provide an outsider a broader perspective on the social phenomenon of the church.

For those who are looking for it there is plenty of dirt on hubbard in the book, just as there is with miscavige. However, the focus of the book is not on the dirt, it is on the church as an institution and the manner in which it has become what it is. Without herself embracing the ideas of scientology, the author remarks on the differing communities of 'freezone' and 'independents' as seeking in various degrees to practice scientology free of their own views of the obvious failings of the church. A fair minded critic would enjoy the book as it brings to a wider public attention much about the church which is not to its credit.

If in doubt, check it out.

Mark A. Baker