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There was a TV documentary a few years ago showing the magician David Blaine walking the streets and doing magic for people. They were freaking out because it seemed so real. He also did levitation in front of groups of people and fooled them all.

Then another magician produced another documentary showing how all the tricks were done, including the levitation. It was fascinating.
Oh damn, I forgot, I saw that too! I now remember how amazingly real the levitation was! They showed a guy on stage in one of those weird talent type of shows before a panel of celebrity judges, I think one was Howard Stern, and the guy levitated and blew them all away. Then the expose was shown on YouTube I believe, where the mechanics behind the fake levitation was shown.


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I would be very interested in seeing that if you remember the link
I don't have a link because it was on TV but I remember the "levitation" was done by standing on the toes of one foot with the heel off the ground and the other foot completely off the ground. When viewed from the correct angle it looks like both feet are completely off the ground.

If the person you saw levitating only left the ground by a few inches then this is probably what they were doing. However, if they were up in the air a long way off the ground then that would be difficult to fake.

EDIT: I've found it on youtube:

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