Jeff Stone's Ordinance 884 still unused 5 years after its adoption


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Supervisor: Dormant ordinance still needed for 'public safety'
Supervisor: Dormant ordinance still needed for 'public safety'

Valley News
Saturday, October 18, 2014

An anti-picketing ordinance championed by Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone and opposed by free speech proponents remains as valid today as when it was enacted more than five years ago, according to Stone, even though the law has apparently not been used since its inception.

County Ordinance No. 884, which bars protesting closer than 30 feet from a person's residence, was approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 3, 2009. The measure mandates fines and possible jail time for anyone convicted of violating it.


Stone's original "motivation" for proposing the ordinance was to ensure security and peace at the Church of Scientology compound near San Jacinto. The 700-acre mixed-use facility, known as Golden Era, had been the site of multiple demonstrations by members of Anonymous, an international group that accuses the church of human rights violations.

Stone presented unsourced material portraying Anonymous as a hate group and voiced the need to strike a reasonable balance between the freedom to demonstrate and the freedom to practice one's religion in one's own way. Along with the Golden Era protests, he mentioned aggressive anti-Proposition 8 demonstrations creating disturbances, though he never referred to a specific instance in Riverside County.

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Supervisor: Dormant ordinance still needed for 'public safety'