Jeffrey Augustine chats with Jon Atack! (published June 11th, 2017)


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Are you getting tired yet of watching Marty Rathbun's latest video series? :whistling::biggrin:

Here is a post from Chuck Beatty about this new interview (below) published earlier today:

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My god! This is the best interview to date, by anyone, of Jon Atack!

Jeffrey's interview of Jon Atack I will transcribe if no one else does. There is SO MANY huge details in this interview.

There simply haven't been interviews so chock full of so many Jon Atack summary conclusions and name mentions of such significant people Jon interviewed when Jon did his research.

I'm staggered, this is the best detailed expert's interview of Jon ever, to date.


For those who don't already know, Jon Atack, is the author of Let's Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky.

Jon Atack is also the author of "Opening minds: the secret world of manipulation, undue influence and brainwashing."

And Jeffrey has an awesome website over here:
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Brilliant interview!! Jon really knows his stuff. I know
from interacting with [highlight]FZ luminaries[/highlight] that he is accurate
with his writings. I know from interacting with Jon that
he is a great soul.

FZ 'luminaries' eh? I don't suppose you could get me a couple of autographs could you Terril?


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Lots of good info in the interview concerning the early days, 1950's and even before.

Jon mentioned that during his research he discovered 120 incidents of plagiarism done by Hubbard. Much of it was when Hubbard swiped material from the Rosicrucians and Aleister Crowley and this was discussed during the chat among many other things.