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If you want a laugh, read the comments! :hysterical:

I'm actress Jenna Elfman from the new ABC comedy "Imaginary Mary", and I'm here to answer all your questions! AMA!

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Hi Everyone - Excited for you to ask me anything! I star as Alice in the new comedy "Imaginary Mary", which airs Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. I started my career as a professional dancer, appearing in music videos by Depeche Mode and Anthrax, and danced on the 1991 Academy Awards live broadcast, choreographed by Debbie Allen. I am best known for my role as Dharma in the hit television series "Dharma and Greg". I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Bodhi, and two young sons. I film a video podcast with my husband Bodhi called "Kicking and Screaming" in which we humorously discuss our 20 year marriage together.


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Telling that one could not find ONE answer by Jenna. Want to bet she will never have an AMA again?


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Whoever in the cult camp thought an AMA would be a good idea? They must be *really* out of it.


Yeah, that's one of the most vicious AMAs I've ever seen. Jenna must think that it tapped directly into the planet's collective "baby killer" mind. Even the comments without Scientology references made fun of her. Karma is a bitch. Sadly, the only effect it will have on her is to intensify her low regard for "wogs".


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Hubbard underestimated wogs I think his confront was low probably went anaten with all the vistaril he took

Wog internet and smart phone tech increased ethics arc and krc and word clearing so fast we left Scientology in the dirt

Wogs are getting scientologists ethics in

The world has to disconnect from Scientology they are the real sps

Seriously dude imagined he had full track recall and boasted that he and only he researched the problems with billion year old ancient galactic space age administrative technology and fixed them so his church will succeed forever but........

Didn't see the internet coming?

Didn't think Reddit would notice fake accounts?

Didn't know leaks would happen?

She's using their good roads good weather head in a bubble technique and only answering pretend questions

What do you know that Scientology tech doesn't work

There's a chink in the armor... The armor feel off... The arms are chopped off...

Scientology is the Black Knight in Monty Python


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Wogs are getting scientologists ethics in


This is so true... It must be so hard for scientologists to realize this fact, so sad for them!:bigcry::faceslap::pcpunch:
This is the exact opposite of what they believe.

Irayam (already undergone this feeling some 27 years ago!)


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Her takeaway from this will probably not go beyond thoughts of religious persecution.

Yes and no. There's also the "she failed to make it go right and pulled it in" factor. :coolwink:
As she is a prominent scientologist, this disaster may create no personal repercussions for her, but what about the scientologist in her head criticizing her now for this failure? :wink2:
On the one hand, they have their great global conspiracy of alien psychs etc that is the cause of everything "anti scientology" and of "religious persecution" ... even more so if one is "OT" and knows so much more secret crap and has been there for longer, to be inundated with this paranoid worldview.
But collective rejection and ridicule of that degree? It will plant seeds of doubt. In her and in all other scientologists (assistants etc) who get wind of this debacle. Die-hard believer or not, it will make her thinking, if only for a moment. Cognitive dissonance much!
They "know" that even if there are millions of scientologists (just for clarification for new lurkers, there are NOT) they are not in the majority. Collectively, they may have mythical theta power to "clear the planet" and outweigh the entheta, or they imagine that maybe at some point they'll have it, but as of now, there is and always was global rejection of scientology, at least disinterest and failure to comprehend its grandiosity by the dreaming, sleeping, drugged wogs. Hapless BT-infested creatures who have to be saved one by one (with many not being able to be saved at all, too degraded).
It is a hostile, dreary world for them, and all friendly reactions for scientology they have ever seen, they knew they came from something "assertive and powerful" scientology did: making clears, safepointing, love-bombing, "handling" enemies, campaigns, telepathic influence by OTs, distributing WTH brochures ... whatever. So a negative experience like this reddit debacle will make them think - at some point:
"Omg there's so much entheta out there, these beings are so degraded!
Hey why doesn't the church and DM just make it go right as in the good old time (that never existed) and do the stuff they're always doing to create positive reactions and appreciation of Scientology?
Wait! That's
exactly what we've been doing here on reddit! I am part of this! That was my fucking task!
Why did we fail?!
Global conspiracy! Psychs! Degraded beings!
But I should be able to postulate away these evil powers, why did I fail? How did I pull this in?
Why did I fail as a Scientologist? As an OT?
Are there doubts? Counter intention?
Why should I have doubts?? Am I compromised, do I have PTS/SP connections, withholds? All is going well for me??
Or is it??"

Coming from a never-in, this can be only a very rough sketch though, but I hope the thoughts of the scientologist witnesses go that way, even just for a short time. It will leave its mark in the brain chemistry...
Scientology is a neurotic make-you-wrong system that is as sensible as its narcissist founder against any indications that infallibility and eternal triumph does not exist.
Far-fetched? It looks conclusive for me what's going on in their heads.
Or hopefully in that of a scientologist lurker, now that you've read that. :wink2:


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This is so true... It must be so hard for scientologists to realize this fact, so sad for them!:bigcry::faceslap::pcpunch:
This is the exact opposite of what they believe.

Irayam (already undergone this feeling some 27 years ago!)

Not just "sad" - troubling, deeply troubling! :yes: Leading to cognitive dissonance and all kinds of conflictedness.


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No response?

Apparently she needs a bigger dose of humility than this to extract her head from her butt that ego is too inflated