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Friday, June 12, 2015

My Gratitude

In the past two years since my book was published I have met a lot of people in my travels who have been supportive, genuine and kind to me. I have received an outpouring of emails, Facebook posts, messages and letters in the mail from people in all walks of life and from the different countries where my book was published.

I wanted to write a post about this because it's been on my mind that during this time, I was not always able to get back to people as much as I would have liked to. So many of you wrote heartfelt letters that deserved a heartfelt response.

Winnie was only one year old at the time my book was published and still nursing. The traveling was hard on us because we decided that we didn't want to be separated from the kids and so they came with us wherever we went which often (not always) meant no sleep, "adventurous" airplane rides and vommit-fests and fevers in various hotel rooms. In addition to having just moved across the country into a new house and a new job for Dallas and with the media tour (for a rather shy person), I felt like I had to choose between sending the responses you guys deserved and my time with my young children and I had to chose them because I knew that I would never get that time back.

But now that I have a little bit more of a handle on things, I wanted to take the time to tell you all how much each and every comment, letter, review and every word spoken in love, empathy and support has meant to me.

Every time I got an email or a letter, a little bit of a load was taken off my heart. I think its because when someone takes the time to listen to (or read) my story and then reaches out in kindness and shows empathy they are taking on a small part of my burden on their own shoulders and thus making my load lighter.

Feeling heard and understood has been the difference that has allowed me to be truly happy and to move on and to have a life that I wouldn't even have been able to wish for so many years ago. So what may seem like a small thing to you, has been so much more than that to me.

Many people have shown their support despite having their own hurt and own story to tell and not having had the opportunity to be heard themselves. This means the most to me, because it takes enormous strength to reach out in this situation and it makes me feel like I am part of a team with some of the bravest survivors there are and that makes me very proud.

There is also one lady in particular I wanted to mention today. She wrote me about two years ago. She and her book club read my book and they all baked something yummy and sent me a picture of all of them together with their baked goods holding their copy of my books. She wrote the most endearing and motherly letter that still makes me want to cry. If you ever read this, I want you to know how loved your letter made me feel. I did write you a letter back and even took some Polaroids of me and the kids to send, but then couldn't find the envelope your letter came in with your address and so never did send it. I'm pretty unorganized like that :(

Sometimes when I am having a bad day or am feeling less than adequate, I secretly sometimes read the amazon reviews for my book or pull out the letters I have received and they make me feel better.

I think the gift of kindness and empathy is the greatest gift one human can give to another and I just wanted you all to know that you have filled that gaping hole in my life and I am forever grateful.

Without the messages of love, care and respect I have been given as a gift from all of you, I would not be able to have the confidence, joy and satisfaction with my new life that I have now. It has made me a healthier, happier person and a better mother as well.

Thank you doesn't seem big enough, but I can't think of another word, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all so very much and I truly wish all the happiness and joy in the world for you and those who you love, from my family to yours!

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stubborn rebel sheep!
How thoughtful and moving this message she wrote!

It's so heartwarming to read such good news about an ex so-children.:yes:

In the event you , someday read this thread,

your deep gratefulness can almost be touched
It's a message of hope that anyone deeply indroctrined
can leave the ''unhappy'' Valley, and find his\her own happy valley -
just simply in sharing love and down to earth normal life, lightened up with the beauty of gratefulness.

I like this message! Good at heart to read though!

Beautiful happy family :happydance:
the great victory!

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