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Jeremy Powers - Go See Your Dad

Jim Little

Patron with Honors
My wife, Meshell, posted this on her Facebook wall yesterday. Just to clarify I am Jeremy's step-father, and his biological father is the one in the hospital.

OSA - Flap Warning! I'm about to go to ALL media in the St. Louis area and make a huge scene about how Scientology won't let the message get through to Jeremy Powers that his dad (who has Grade IV brain cancer) has taken a turn for the worst and there's not much time left. I've sent faxes to people to get the message to him and these messages aren't getting through! Jeremy needs to go see his father before he passes and let him know he cares! He is declining fast. He's in the hospital too weak to sit up, stand or talk much. Today he is at Barnes-Jewish South, room 11489.

He really needs his children right now, as he has zero family with him (except wife). He needs to know Jeremy cares.

If he waits much longer, he may not be able to talk to him or recognize him.
He won't be going back home, but instead to a nursing home or a hospice center.
ENSURE the local scn center gets a message to Jeremy to see his dad NOW. Please allow Jeremy to give his dying father the chance to know he loves him and cares. Jeremy has exactly ONE day to go SEE his father before I blast this out to every media outlet in St. Louis and Missouri. I will go to Tony Ortega, Mark Bunker and Marty Rathbun first and ensure it is KNOWN that these messages or Scientology is blocking Jeremy from knowing or seeing his father!

This is just a small part of a video that Meshell did with Mark Bunker last year regarding Jeremy.


This is Meshell's blog that she had started about Jeremy in case he ever grew a pair of ball and personal integrity to check the internet.


I know that OSA watches this message board like a hawk so I suggest you get hold of your Goon's at the St Louis Org, DSA Ellen Forney, Kevin Forney, Matt Hanses, and Jill James.

I have been fairly quiet these last two years but if you want a new shit storm in St Louis then do nothing about this situation, but you know what I think I am going to give you guys a shit storm anyway.