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Monday, July 11, 2011
Critical Update

Wow, these three letters perfectly describe my thoughts and emotions since I completed and released the “Finale” of my first book on April 27, 2011. I remember the relief from getting that part of the story out of my system and into the world. I can’t think of many things I’ve done in my life that was as difficult for me to produce and complete. My body felt drained and exhausted so I thought I’d take a week off just to recover and get my spirit juices going again for round two. By the way I’m trying real hard here not to make run on and on paragraphs!

Within a week of writing that final chapter I began to feel ill. I felt an increasing pain in by back that didn’t want to go away. I tried self medicating and healing to no avail. After two weeks of this growing pain I found all I could do is lay in bed in the fetal position. May 16, 2011 was the first time I went to Emergency at the University of Chicago hospital. They did several tests and informed me that I had the “Aides virus”. To say I was shocked by the news is a total understatement. I stayed in the hospital until the complete test results came back and was informed that I DID NOT have the Aides virus. This was a relief but I still felt very ill and wanted to know what was wrong with me.

Next, this same doctor diagnosed me as having Syphilis or Gonorrhea, but the test to confirm this new diagnosis would take a few days, so I waited. In the meantime I was given pain medication (hydrocodone) and sent home.

May 26, 2011, I went back to the same Emergency hospital and was in extreme pain. I was informed the test for syphilis and gonorrhea both came back negative and they didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went to a different hospital the next day only to just get more pain medication. By this time I had to have the pain medication just to maintain some level of sanity because of the pain.

A friend suggested that I go to Cook County hospital because this was supposed to be the best hospital in town. I went there the first time and they did some test and sent me home with more pain medication. In less than a week I could feel my life slipping away from me and I went back to Cook County and begged them to please find out what was wrong with me. It was then they discovered that I was in stage 4 Lymphoma cancer that primarily had attached to the bones in my spine. I was admitted immediately and a team of seven doctors began to work on my case.

Within 48 hours of being admitted, I began to receive chemo therapy for the cancer. I received several MRI’s and Cat scans and finally the pain started to leave me. The cancer had primarily attached to the bones in my neck and spine where the majority of the tumors are located. I was fitted with special neck and back braces. My doctors informed me that one wrong move could leave me paralyzed for life. I still have to wear the neck and back brace.

There was a team of seven doctors, (all specialist for this that and the other) that came to visit with me at 8:00am daily. The leader of the doctors was a tall blonde Russian woman. I referred to her as Angelina Jolie! She was stern but very nice and she coordinated all of my scheduled treatments. Another doctor whose first name is Shivi did the first biopsy on my spine. She is a beautiful Indian woman and I just fell in love with her. My first born child Cleo was there to assist with this biopsy and she is my heart and soul.

I also received a second biopsy on a tumor at the base of my neck, just under my chin by another beautiful woman who I though may have been from Japan or something. This one hurt like hell and still hurts to this day! I remember before this illness came down on me I’d sometimes joke and say I know I’m going to hell for the life I’d lived in Scientology. While getting this second biopsy the doctor had to cauterize the wound from the surgery which was right under my nose. After smelling the smoke from my own burning flesh the joke was no longer funny to me and I repented right then and there.

I was in the hospital for about two weeks. I have smoked cigarettes most of my life and I smoked pot at least 3-4 times a week. As I completed the final chapter “Finale” I’d say I was nearly drinking a 12 pack of beer a day. I’d also become addicted to pain medication.

I remember going through delirium tremors while also going through chemo. I am now proud to say that I overcame all of these addictions at the same time and am totally clean!

This is why I feel so good now and my spirit fly’s high every day. To overcome these addictions means a new physical life for me and I feel as young as a teenager again. The mental clarity I have now makes me feel like I’m almost clairvoyant or something. It’s hard to describe really but I’m loving it like some guilty pleasure.

I checked out of the hospital June 21, 2011 and was glad to be headed home. I share an apartment with my brother Ron. My brother Ron is a guitar player of 40plus years and he’s pretty good at it. I’ve seen with my own eyes people bow down to him at the close of some of his shows because of the spirit he can evoke from his playing. He has a Jimi Hendrix style of playing that he’s perfected since the 70,s. As a matter of fact in 1970, I gave him the album “Band of Gypsies” and told him if he learned to play like that I would buy him the same exact guitar Jimi Hendrix played on that album. The guitar was a 1957 white Stratocaster. In 1974, I sure had to give him the money to buy that guitar because he was there with his playing skills.

Ron and I have been best friends all of our lives, he is two years younger that I am. He is the best care taker I could ask for and has gotten me off of my back and on my feet during the last few weeks.

Tomorrow I go in for my second round of chemo which I am really looking forward to, no joke. So that’s where things stand medically with me now.

Back when I posted the final chapter to my book one I’d asked for help with finding a publisher who’d be interested in my story. An Annon friend came through in spades in that department and has already sent me edited versions of my story. I’m happy to say I now have the strength to read that now so I plan to devote next week to getting the work done.

As I’ve been recovering my mind is constantly thinking about my second book that will cover the last four years of dead L Ron’s life. When I wrote book one I tried to write it in a balanced way by presenting the facts from as many sources as possible without getting too much into my own opinion. I was lucky in that regard because there was plenty of information out there.

I didn’t write book one with the intent to malign anyone but that didn’t stop me from writing the truth as I know it. Oh there was some blowback and some people didn’t like what I had to say but I am not one to try and rewrite history, just wanted to present the facts.

Writing book 2 in that same style seemed to be more of a challenge as far as having multiple sources to draw from. All that changed as I was able to get the word out on my condition my phone started ringing and ringing. I ended up talking to a family member of David Miscavige that is friendly to me and provided me with information I needed. I also talked to people who grew up under dead L Ron as children who were able to corroborate my experiences of his last four years because they were there with me. Unlike Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, these sources are willing to talk and tell the WHOLE truth.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get writing again but have been unable to sit up to do so for any extended period of time. In the meantime, I’ve just written short messages on facebook.

Anyway, I’m so much better now. My facebook friends have been sending me so much love that I have not had time to feel scared or sorry for myself at all. Since this has happened I have felt a peace and love that’s just been missing in my life for too long.

I’ve now reasoned that because so many people have been sending me so much love, and God is love. I’ve been getting this huge ration of God time in my life, he’s just been here so much lately so thank you for that, and I like it!

I have to write a forward to book one that somehow weaves in the concept that I learned the subject and activities of Scientology is just a gateway organization to a grand assembly of like-minded, well established entities which I will explain and have sufficient proof of.

Because of timing and circumstances, now in this day I am the only person in the world who is willing to tell you about the last four years of dead L Ron’ s life. What was on his mind? What was he doing? Where was he at? How did he die? Why did he die? Since having this illness, people that know I know who were there are willing to corroborate with me have come forward offering to help me tell the story as accurately as possible, a perfect truth.

This is how I feel I can best help those who are still in to consider leaving. Also to help those who were in it to understand what actually happened to them. Everyone will love it because it’s so raw and so true.

Now there you have it, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I also needed to create a PayPal account for people to help contribute to this project as written in the last part of the final chapter entitled “Finale, moving forward”.

If you can contribute that would help me to make some moves to get the project done faster and I want you to have it now.

Thank you to those that are taking this journey with me. For far too long I felt this job was pretty thankless. I found out that is so not the case. I have more friends than I can count and I’m grateful for that.

Here is the donate button, press it if you dare!
(Note the button is not appearing yet. fts)

I love, loving and being loved so much! I’m back to get the work done.

Jesse Prince

Bless ya Jesse.


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Thanks for posting! What a mixture of great (sobriety, happiness) and awful news. I'm sure I'm not alone in rooting for Jesse to beat the lymphoma and live many happy years into the future.

Petey C

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Thanks for posting this, FTS. I was sorry to hear about the pain Jesse's in but glad he's getting treatment (albeit after two misdiagnoses). I hope he recovers well.



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Now there is a good man! Mr. Jesse Prince . . . what an apt name :yes:



I knew Jesse, passingly, "back in the days"...always a class act in all ways.:yes:

Jesse's writings, deeds and actions are more than exemplary...they are honest, straight and true. You da man, Jesse, you da man!:clap:

Keep walkin' your walk, Bro and know that you are appreciated, respected and loved. Day upon day another questioning soul discovers your words, reads your story and the shroud of false certainty is penetrated--the spell of Scn evaporated--a little more, or a lot more, by the truth, dignity and struggle of your life. :coolwink:



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Jesse has told me, recently, that "everyone's love has
***greatly*** Helped me". He is one of my favorite peeps and has been, since the second I heard his voice...almost 11 years ago in a few days.

Blessings to ya, lad...and tons of love 2 U: :heartflower::flowers::rose::arose: :console: :kiss:

and my favorite to you, and ALL:



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Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Jesse.:thumbsup:

You are very liked and admired for all you do and have done.:yes:


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I wish Jesse all the best. :)

Here is my family experience, just to report my very limited experience on this topic.

Both of my parents died last year due to complications from white blood cell cancer (two different types).

My Mom had CLL and had effective treatment that extended her life for 10 years from onset of CLL. Eventually the treatments killed too much of the good bacteria in her large intestines and the bad bacteria took over and killed her. (She had no back pain/spine pain symptoms.)

My Dad had multiple myloma and they had very poor treatment for this. He lasted about 3 years from onset of multiple myloma (I read that the average is about 2 years but I don't know what the statistical standard deviation is from this average). He had severe back pain that crippled him. And eventually this disease caused what looked like to me, deformity of the spine.

BTW, I am not trying to derail this thread... I just wanted to give some little bit of info.
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Ow ow ow. Bone cancer's supposed to be one of the most painful things you can experience. I spent some time in hospice with a friend who was dying of cancer spread to the bone.

I know the prognosis is never good when it's stage 4, but I hope Jesse's able to turn this around with minimal suffering.

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my mum passed in march of this year after a relatively short illness. The cancer had, in the end, spread to her bones and I can honestly say that this was painful beyond words for her. there were several complications that made pain management difficult for the hospice team. my heart goes out to jesse at this time and if good thought help then hopefully mine will help along with everybody elses from here.



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Jesse has told me, recently, that "everyone's love has
***greatly*** Helped me". He is one of my favorite peeps and has been, since the second I heard his voice...almost 11 years ago in a few days.

Blessings to ya, lad...and tons of love 2 U: :heartflower::flowers::rose::arose: :console: :kiss:

and my favorite to you, and ALL:


Sending love to you, Jesse :rose: :bighug: :pixiedust::thewave::heartflower::grouphug::hug: