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I once had a goal to find a way to make Three Card Monte morally acceptable.


I believed it was possible to do, but I had to hack a whole bunch of shit out of it.


First I took away the Monte dealer's cardboard box. But he kept playing, down on the sidewalk.


So then I realized that the why was his cards. So I took away his cards, too.

To not let his stats crash he used his gun and jacked my wallet.


But, I am feeling pretty good that I salvaged that being and helped put ethics in on the card game industry--on this planet.

(helpful hint: if you end your sentences with "on this planet" you can get a Scientologist to agree to anything!)


Rene Descartes

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You mean the old man is still alive? Wow! :nervous:

OK, I'll 'fess up! I have him living in a shack in the backyard. Yup. I feed him booze and pick up some bennies for him every now and then. He has power to the shed and uses it to "run" his own nonsense on himself. I hear him howling every now and then. He keeps screaming something about broke and a miscarriage of something or other. Dunno. But there he stays, surrounded by an imaginary electronic security blanket. :yes: :yes:

By golly that is a broad definition of "drop".

However I was thinking of something a little more drastic.

Something that Agatha Cristie or Alfred Hitchcock might appreciate.