Jesse Prince or Marty Rathbun: Which do YOU believe?


no fight here mon, but to just say 'being' , 'has being', or even using 'substance', is all that needs be said really. 'Being-ness' is improper english, not even slang, and yes, not because 'Hubbard was wrong everywhere..' even though he mostly wasness.


LMAO :hysterical: Are you sureness?

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And then, of course, there's always Loch Ness.
def: An expanse of water where the resident monster likes to tease the tourists.
Gawd I am glad I don't give a shit about Scientology anymore. The crap just keeps going and going.

But I curiously lurk still... to see what's the latest, I guess.

But the whole Marty thing is boring to me. What is he really able to accomplish? Nothing, it seems. :confused2:

I've just gotten on with my life, and happy that Scn has no hold on me whatsoever. Mentally or physically. Yay.

Marty, ramble on!

Good for you, Sweetie! :) This is a very healthy attitude to take to the whole thing! :happydance: Enjoy your life to the utmost! :happydance:


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I had to read it a few times before I got it.

At least I think I got it.

I think he is saying that the reason L Ron Hubbard ordered David Miscavige to spit in David Mayo's face as part of a standard Scientology justice action - and then tell him it was from Ron - was because David Miscavige had been reporting to LRH that David Mayo worked for the FBI and the American Psychiatric Association.

In other words, the reason Hubbard give these orders to David Miscavige for physical abuse and have him carry them out was not Hubbard's fault - it was Miscavige's "3rd party" which caused all this.

It's either that, or Marty actually believes that David Mayo and the other guy were working for the FBI and the APA, and that is why the physical abuse was ordered by LRH to be carried out by David Miscavige on them.

Either way, physical abuse was ordered by L Ron Hubbard as a standard justice action when he was alive and running Scientology.

That is what is being revealed by Jesse Prince on Marty's blog right now.

Yes Alanzo, it was a tongue in cheek comment by Marty and meant exactly what you say above. Miscavage carried the "conspiracy news" to LRH. LRH reacted with spit.
Denial of Service attack.

Sending huge amounts of spam or traffic to a site to take it off line or make it impossible to manage.

Get this first line from Marty Rathbun, the principal enforcer of the policy of Fair Game for almost three decades in the Church of Scientology, in today's post:

"Perhaps I spoke too soon about Fair Game having been cancelled. "

What a fucking liar.

Fair game was never canceled and he KNOWS IT.

This speaks to what Zinj was saying: He's lying, and knows he's lying, while believing what he is saying - all in one.

Um... this is a very good working definition of someone operating under deep denial, so deep and strong that it becomes delusional, which is, of course, a form of mental illness. I trust that Marty has the wherewithal to wake up more fully and see that he is constructing this in his life, and hopefully will decide to construct something more in alignment with the true history and reality of Scientology. :yes: Listen to the stories of the folks who served before you did, Marty and other Indys! :thumbsup: It's called a reality check or attitude adjustment, and we all have to make them from time to time. No biggie. Just a shift in viewpoint. You can do it! :yes:

I want all Exes to prosper and thrive and live a very HAPPY, FULFILLING, PRODUCTIVE LIFE! :happydance:


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And then, of course, there's always Loch Ness.
def: An expanse of water where the resident monster likes to tease the tourists.

Decoded for resident $cnness: An expanseness of waterness where the resident monsterness likes to tease the touristnesses.