Jim Lynch, Scientology’s Shill, Dies at 59


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Just last week, news organizations around the country (and overseas) reported that Scientology’s propaganda magazine, Freedom, had placed an ad for a new writer.
Now we have some idea why the magazine is hiring.
We have learned that on July 19, Jim Lynch, Freedom‘s main correspondent, died in Boca Raton, Florida.
Lynch was known for aggressively questioning former church officials like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder in what bordered on harassment, and we had our own reasons for being interested in Lynch’s work, as a recent article at the Atlantic explains.
We heard from a friend of Jim’s who said Lynch had died of cancer, and that a funeral was held a week ago. He pointed to a one-line obituary in the Palm Beach Post. We then confirmed his identity with Avatar Crematory Service.

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Lo and behold, we were about to post a new article but first checked out Tony’s blog and to our surprise discovered that Freedom magazine reporter Jim Lynch has died. It wasn’t very long ago that we saw & spoke with him last.
Jim Lynch was a frequent guest of the Manor Hotel (complimentary hotel room & meals) here at CC Int and we’ve spoken with him many times over the years since he first began working for Freedom. Despite the horrible reputation he has among Scientology critics, when he wasn’t in “attack mode” he was actually a very nice, extremely friendly and jovial character. He was always evasive about why he started working for the cult and would never give any direct answers.

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Wow - that is scary!! I wonder if the Scientology lawyers are going to start to drop like flies soon!! If anyone protects this cult from its evil deeds - they set themselves up for disaster.

No one escapes the side effects of Scientology. These lawyers may make big bucks but deep down they know that Scientology is evil and destroys people. It is like attorney's protecting Hitler from the mass murders going on underneath the noses of everyone on the planet - soon, very soon it snaps back at you and all the money in the world can't save you!!

The attorney's that work for Scientology better start waking up!! They may be next!


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Last photo posted by his wife on her Facebook page.. June 27, 2013

Caption: Me & my honee!!

His young son, Luke, had his Bar Mitzvah last month.