Joanne Wheaton: How Scientology Treats Widows and Orphans


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The Cult of Scientology sought to take all of Joanne's insurance money after her husband's tragic death. By doing this, the Cult robbed her children of their trust funds. Had the probate court not intervened, the money would have never been returned by the Cult.

Fast forward from 1984 to 2011 and we see that Joanne Wheaton is still a Scientologist.

In fact, she is a Squirrel Buster who was photographed last week in Texas with fellow Squirrel Buster Ed Bryan:


Despite Scientology taking $75,000 from her husband's life insurance policy after he was killed -- and seeking the $300,000 that was intended for her and her children's future -- Joanne remains in the Cult. What must go on inside of her head?


Her sons must now be 34 and 28 or so.

Are they also scientologists? Did the cult get its dirty hands on their money after all?


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