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Joey Chait - another $cn goes to jail!


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Beverly Hills auctioneer sentenced to one year behind bars, $10G fine for smuggling elephant ivory, rhinoceros horns, coral

[FONT=&amp]During public court proceedings, Chait's lawyer, Judith Germano, asked the court to take into account what she described as [/FONT]the physical and mental abuse he sustained during his upbringing in the Church of Scientology.[FONT=&amp]


Seems like every week Scientology finds itself on the horns of a different dilemma...


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Scientologists - Another one bites the MEST


Joey, having been successfully indoctrinated from birth as an "ethical" (i.e. greatest good) Hubbardite, predictably ended up caught on the horns of a dilemma.

To be or not to be (upstat):

To commit the Scientology "crime" of
not making it go right to get your stats up.


To commit a real crime.

As might be expected, he took the road less [STRIKE]traveled[/STRIKE] sane.
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