John Brousseau (JB) blows from the Int Base

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It does not appear that Jamie and Tiziano were intimidated:
Jamie and Tiziano // June 19, 2010 at 6:37 pm | Reply

I had heard about PI’s harrassing people like Marty, Mike, and Marc,etc. But until now I didn’t really understand how insane it actually is.

Following me into the supermarket, the gym- I mean what did they actually think I was gonna do?

I tell you one thing though. DM picked the wrong people to screw with. We won’t be silenced!

Also, Jamie Sorrentini Lugli misses her father and wants him back:
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli // June 20, 2010 at 1:53 am | Reply

Thanks for the poem Cowboy Poet!
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.

And OSA if ur reading this- can you please tell my Dad, Irving Sorrentini that I miss him and I love him and I look forward to the day that I have my father back.

And, damn, you have to hand it to the man, Tiziano provided his own post PIs escape soundtrack:
Tiziano // June 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm | Reply

Thank you guys…this one is for my man JB, this was part of one of our many our post PIs escape soundtrack:

Lauryn Hill – I Get Out

YouTube - Lauryn Hill I GET OUT MTV Unplugged


Finally, Jamie has a solid acting career.


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Still from the video:



Smurf on WWP did the leg work regarding the address on the PI's notepad:
FYI. The address on the PI's notepad: 1522 Fairfax is the address for this outfit.

My Gal Friday

1522 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles-Hollywood, California 90046 | BlockShopper Los Angeles

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That's a mighty many PI's deployed.. The 'target' must know something really juicy..

Shit, The Sinister Scam Cult of Scientology is one sick cult!


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Is the Church of Scientology now tailing and harassing a minor?

Is the Church of Scientology now tailing and harassing a minor?

From a comment by Tiziano on Marty's blog:
Tiziano // June 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm | Reply

Hey…info on the address.

We drove to a party one night in Encino. I dropped off a friend of mine who is 14 years old. Picked her back up from that party at midnight and we took a friend of her’s home because he drank too much and couldn’t drive.

The 16 year old guy now has 2 PIs following him 24/7, just for getting in the car with us.

Strange, crazy, sad but true…


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It would seem that that address is near where a lot of the video takes place. I don't know the exact location but that definitely appears to be the W Hollywood hills which is just North of the address given.,-118.362794&spn=0.009684,0.01929&z=16

Tiziano & Jamie's home on Sunset Plaza Drive in West Hollywood is a bit of a distance from Fairfax Avenue (3-4 miles). The street the P.I.s staked out that overlooks their home (pointed out in the video) is Haslam Terrace.


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WOW. Intense! I wanna hear more details as to EXACTLY how he left, tho! :yes:

As others have noted, it would be bad to let Int know about ways they need to improve their security. What I WOULD be interested in knowing would be any info he has on how they track people who have blown, as it would be useful in helping people blow successfully.

From what I gather, they check people from your life history to see if you've contacted any. They also have people working for travel agencies who might be able to check if your name appears on plane reservations or passenger lists. They might also be able to trace your credit card usage.

This would indicate that anybody blowing, who is important enough that they would make an effort to find him, should adopt a policy of avoiding planes, paying cash, and not checking into motels under his correct name (at least until he's gotten at least a couple of hundred miles from any org).


I hate to sound the skeptic, but how the hell did he get an iPhone? Thats a big no-no in SO land. :duh:

Except for DM's trusted people. DM apparently considered him a trusted go-to guy, if you read the story.

It was an XMas present according to J.B. - he did not specify from whom.

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Yeah, my first -

well, he definately still sounds and thinks like a $cientologist anyhow.
Does sound more like some DM plant to me.
And funny that when he got his Ipod the first thing he found was Maarty's blog, how can that be true? Dont beleive it!

And those round pegs in square holes and Vica Versa sounds like he is confsing the butt-plug/dildo he was using, and it may have been that special LRH Buttplug with Hypnoeyes (ouch)
And the barbed wire Buttplut must be an evil DM invention, and then the splinters bit made me really cringe....:omg:

Dude, lets hear more of the gory details and juicy stuff, I'm sure there is lots of it

My first thought was, could be a dm plant.
Second thought - Thank God for the internet - his story is all over it now, :lol:. So if he is a plant, it will eventually come out - and be all over the internet. :whistling: And it is Marty's problem - either way. :duh:

But I hope the guy is not a plant. I hope this is for real.