John W. Galusha, Founder of Idenics


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John Galusha started working with Hubbard in Wichita in 1952, and continued working with him in Phoenix, Camden, DC, and at Saint Hill. The majority of the time, John was Ron's right-hand tech person. He was Ron's DofP and DofT, supervised the first Philadelphia Doctorate Course, as well as helped Hubbard to supervise most of the ACCs and Congresses. John was also Ron's research auditor throughout the 1950s. John worked with Ron on the research and development of many different processes and techniques, including, but not limited to, Creative Processing.


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I doubt that John cares very much though. And, if he does, it doesn't say much (good) about John.


Everybody I have talked with who knew John had nothing but good things to say about him. I still have tons of identities to clear out before I can approach his level of love and caring for others. But don't get the idea that I am a John worshipper. I agree with John, that the path is mine and mine alone and he was just there to help me find my path. It can be confusing and uncertain, but I am drawing the map as I go along.

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Clear Procedure 1958

Taken from an IVY publication re "Clear Procedure 1958":

"Anyhow, and historically, the procedure was researched by Ron with the help of a past-famous Scientologist by the name of John Galusha, and was expertly delivered and proven to be workable by a still-living and quite amazing auditor by the name of John Sanborn, who having worked at Pubs Org (the Publications Organization) in Denmark, may be known to our list Admin Antony Phillips."


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Hi bros,
any germans or german speaking people here?
Anyone who is familiar with Idenics?
Thanks for scanning your contacts. ;)
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Dear Mikele, Hi there! Yes, I think Annabel Bourgois might be who you are looking for. Check out her website: as I believe she does speak German. Oh, dang! You know what? Although Annabel is very talented and speaks several languages, I just found out right after I originally wrote this that German is not one of them! She is lovely, and you may want to contact her anyway, however, at the moment no one else that I know of does speak German and practice idenics. Check with Mike Goldstein, he may be able to assist, okay? Love, Two Cents
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By the way, Annabel does speak English, Dutch, French and Italian. Hope that helps you out. Let me know if you need any other info, okay? Love, Two Cents


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But I did just happen to notice today that one of the cards in the illuminati card game is "the auditor from hell".