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Hello everyone!
I'm a journalist in Dublin looking to have a chat with an ex-member for a few minutes. Message me if you'd be up for a quick call. My only requirement would be that you speak English. Thank you!


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Are you able to identify yourself? We get lots of people here who pretend to be journalists. You may get better results if your identity can be confirmed by someone trustworthy on this board.

You also won't be able to private message people until you have posted a few more times.


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Once you are allowed to send private messages try contacting xenusdad. That's Pete Griffiths and he's in Ireland.


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As suggested, why not contact me? [email protected] or 086 3703811

Hi Pete - do you have a blog and has it expired? I would love to hear your story as well as the others who are in Ireland "Suppressing Scientology"...and I found a blog that stated it expired and to "click here" to renew.

Is that your blog? Or do you think OSA is setting a trap to identify members who "look", which is a high crime in Scientology?

John McGhee

yeah there are a few of us in Ireland. If you're not bogus; my number is 086 4006571
and if you are, well.... the cult has my number anyway :)


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Only one post and never returned looking for responses ?
I guess, our journalist "hobsonmerp" was contacted by an OSA-agent (claiming to be an ex-churchie) and is doing his comm-course now..... :coolwink:
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