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Hello to you. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Write to me on Face Book. Love, Carol

Thanks for speaking out Carol. :thumbsup:

You could if you wanted to, start telling some of your experiences over here at ESMB. Folks here would appreciate it. You are probably much like the debbie cook email since you greeted folks at the Fort Harrison hotel for many years and their outrageous rates all done with free labor one might say.

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I told Carol Nyburg's coming out story a few weeks ago on this board.
Carol flew into Los Angeles to spend a few days with me and has only just left.
We shot the videos of her story for my YouTube Channel.
For 26 years she was the ACCOMMODATIONS counselor at the Flag Land Base.

She has also lost her daughter in DISCONNECTION after serving an ever increasingly sadistic "Sea Organization" for all those years...
The Church "clergy" they call themselves...

Carol's story is the best description of the current situation of life in the SO Service Orgs that I've ever read.

Very, very good.


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Karen - Scientology Ethics: The Facebook Police

Scientology Ethics: The Facebook Police



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That Facebook Police video is funny but so true. See this video reminded me of this facebook message someone sent me a copy of , which I wrote about back in January 2010

Scientology and McCarthyism or How It Tries to Control Hollywood - Part 1


Here's Part 2 with Meskimen hounding actor Josh Robert Thompson ( aka Geoff on Late Late Show, as well as The Fake Arnold )


Thompson begged me to take the article down, which I did, but I found out later it was picked up as news feed by Tipping Point, lol. Here's the whole article:
Scientology and McCarthyism or How It Tries to Control Hollywood - Part 2

Well, the best thing now is that Thompson is OUT of Scientology

Right after he and Kerri Kasem broke up....

Policing the Facebook police is fun, lol


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I should add that shortly after Jim Meskimen wrote that first one, actors Tom McCaffery and Karla Zamudio both announced publicly they had left the church! Karla later appears in Tiziano Lugli's 2 videos:
Shit Scientologists Say to Each Other (TV series) and Shit Scientologists Say to Normal People (TV series)
Much success to these two.

Cult's Facebook police thing certainly does backfire sometimes!


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Re: Karen de la Carriere YouTube Channel/re: Friends-Removal-Machine

Very relevant! You survived it with your family intact :) Much inspiration for the lurkers fearing the Facebook Police!!

Thank you, AnonyMary! Here is even more resent pic of my son and wife:


I can honestly say, we are happiest we've ever been!
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Published on May 4, 2013

Jason Barclay fled the Sea Organization only months ago. I will be slowly trickling out his stories....Every Sea Org member, all 5000 of them have to spend 2 1/2 hours a day fund raising. Mostly on the phone to a tired public to sell them more books or CDs.


stubborn rebel sheep!
I do too!

Many thank's to Jason and Karen.
Karen is a good interviewer.

Jason I wish you a very happy new life as a free being!
Enjoy and only be the great being you are - there is nothing more to achieve here.
You already have all there is to have within you! Your eyes and smile radiate it.:flowers2:


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Wow! So glad I got out before all this insanity!

Best quote about the vulture culture...

"It's a four quadrillion zilla-watt teflon sucking vacuum machine that can take every last value out of you... I wouldn't say out of your soul but that ends up being what happens"
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