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Karen de le Carriere emails 10,000 Scientologists regarding the death of her son


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A message from mum for you Karen,

My mother is elderly. She understands stuff that never ceases to amaze me. I told her about you and Alexander.

She said to send you her love and her condolences.

So I am.



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Great idea! Who would we send our video piece to? And...I hate to um...ask this...but...will someone perhaps be filming the ceremony? :rose:

I know she asked Mark Bunker to film it, so
yes...it is going to be filmed.




Still raging

Your son, Alexander, will be remembered here in Ireland.

Rose petals will grace a little, rocky, tidal inlet called Guileen here on the South Coast on Saturday Morning.


I wish you peace and healing.



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I know she asked Mark Bunker to film it, so
yes...it is going to be filmed.


Correction: Karen did not ask Mark Bunker to film it.
Mark asked her if he could.

Happily, she said yes, and he's going to. :heartflower::rose:



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I'll just put this here, with some parts emphasized. You may want to read the quotation to the bottom.


Karen#1 | July 14, 2012 at 4:16 pm | Reply

This was very special.

I have felt your tremendous support.

If the Church of Scientology actually held a memorial for Alexander who spent 24 1/2 of his 27 years in the Sea Organization, then they did it furtively and secretly behind closed doors ~~ I wonder if a mere 11 people attended?

Alexander’s memorial at Celebrity Center was held at 11:00 AM, only three hours before their ritualistic “STAT” evolution, where all the statistics, the money made that week, the number of books, libraries sold are counted up and assessed. It is an all night affair with sleep deprivation for Sea Org members.

If I have a voice, I am going to make Alexander’s senseless death count for something. I can do this by shedding more and more light on what goes on within.

In the past, the children of Sea Org members were shipped to a ranch almost 2 hours out of Los Angeles way, way up Bouquet Canyon in a remote area between Santa Clarita and Palmdale. It was called “Canyon Oaks Ranch” ~ it is now sitting their in a state of dis-repair. They tried to build a Narconon Center there but with heavy opposition of the local neighborhoods not wanting a bunch of drug addicts there, the “Church” could not get permits.

The drive was so long, most Sea Org members could not possibly visit the kids in the one hour slot of free time (Saturday morning). The round trip drive took 3-4 hours depending upon traffic conditions. Therefore just like Jenna Miscavige reported on ABC’s Nightline, Parents went months, sometimes years without seeing their children especially if the parents had been shipped to Denmark or Australia to serve the “Sea Organization” while their children grew up communal style with no nucleus family.

The Church craftily isolated Sea Org children so far away that parental visits were effectively impossible given the Church mandatory “Sea Org Schedules”

Alexander was thrilled at 8 years old to be allowed and permitted to come down and live in Big Blue in Los Angeles as a “cadet.” This means he had work assignments and tasks and did not have to live at that ranch. Alexander worked filing central file folders, that kind of thing.

Then something happened, not sure what, but Alexander experienced some internal body pain and was rushed to Children’s Hospital. I rushed to see him but everything turned out OK.

Then the retribution: Alexander had caused a “FLAP”. This meant Alexander was subjected to Church punishment. He was shipped back to the ranch as “not Ok for Los Angeles”

At 8 years old, Alexander was made to write up his overts and withholds, week after week, after week. He was 8 years old and made to believe that he was full of sins and transgressions for causing the Church bad PR to end up in Children’s Hospital.

Arthur Dent

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Have you ever, each one individually, stopped to think ---- yes, for yourself, like the slogan says- and given pause to reflect on your youth, your childhood, your innocence? It is gone. It has been trained and punished out of you. You have been trained that vacations are bad, wogs are bad, time with family is bad. Oh, I know no one SAID that but you know damn well that's how it goes.

When was the last time you had a vacation? A good rest? Plenty of time with friends and loved ones? Went to the zoo? Had a leisurely walk on a beach? Had time to pursue some long forgotten dream you had, make a painting, write a song or poem? You have been brainwashed that all these things are dev-t and off-purpose. Really? Whose purpose? You are backing a cult that wants exactly the product you see in the mirror. You!

You have been taught to fight this great monster, psychiatry. You have been told
that it is the beast and the root of all evil on this planet.

But, sadly my friends, YOU, have become the beast. Don't you see it? You have become fanatical, unthinking, order-following, punishing, robotic, punitive and vindictive. All in the name of a fight that was never yours. It was given to you!

One of the most important datum in scientology has to do with problems and PTSness. Has someone given you a problem? Think about it. You have had smoke blown up your asses and told how powerful you are and trained on cult/CIA bull-shit tech on how to destroy the enemy. We all played GI Joe and cops and robbers as children but we also chased lightening bugs and swung on tire swings and swam happily. Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, ever think you would grow up to:

Disconnect mother from child, father from child, and every other possible family configuration you can think of? Causing incurable sadness that goes the length of the very permanent disconnections?

Support a group that literally cleans out one's bank accounts til the person bleeds and has nothing and then has no time for them?

Support a group that takes in anyone who will contribute to it and then does not provide medical support for them but abandons them to taxpayer support even though it pillages millions upon millions of dollars from its members?

Support a group that uses supposed priest/penitent privileged confessions of its members against its members should they EVER speak out as is their right in this country? Support a group that is simply paranoid and afraid of freedom of speech?

Did you ever think you would work 40, no 80, right? hours a week doing just this,
only to realize you have nothing but a heap of shit as a product?

Yes, there have been many "wins" against psychiatry and saving a family, getting someone off psych drugs, etc. Not to be diminished, certainly. But one need not be in scientology to accomplish such. A group is handy, yes. But this group has played out to do more harm than good in the long run. By its own policies it will continue to do just that. Change is not possible within it. It's over.

Ever look at the cumulative list of SPs? Maybe you should be on it instead of all these people. You have become SPs. Dramatizing, foolish SPs. Unfortunately, most of you will continue to be "right" til you die.

But maybe, just maybe, one or two of you will wake up and start living your life.
And stop committing crimes against humanity and supporting others that do so in the name of scientology. scientology is just a name. Look beyond it. Look, don't listen, remember?



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I am so proud of Karen's actions even whilst grieving so. 10,000 emails in the right direction! Plus her interviews. Thank you, Karen!

I too was very impressed with her poise and determination to expose atrocities, in the face of the grief she was going through.

Claire Swazey

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The death was deeply tragic. The way the cult chose to deal with the death and Alexander's mom was inexcusable and appalling- which is also tragic.

When tragedies happen, the family and other loved ones already have a very tough time of it without the people who'd been in contact (in this case, CofS and the alleged "OTs" with whom the young man lived) making everything worse by acting like hideously callous robots.

No, wait, I'm sorry. I shouldn't say robot. I'm maligning all soulless machines by making that comparison.


Karen's email:

Dear Scientologist,

I am emailing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist to let you know about the mysterious and sudden death of my son Alexander Jentzsch at 27 years of age on July 3, 2012.

Although I am not in the Sea Org right now, I served aboard the Flagship Apollo where I was trained by LRH to the level of Class XII C/S. I am one of only seven Class XII C/S' LRH ever made.

After LRH took Flag ashore in Clearwater, I met and fell in love with Heber Jentzsch. We married and Heber went on to become the President of the Church of Scientology International. I remained devoted to LRH and to my duties as a Class XII C/S at Flag. I won "Auditor of the Year" at Flag numerous times.

In 1984, I gave birth to our son Alexander.

Alexander Jentzsch was born in the Sea Org. He formally joined the Sea Org when he was eight years old. Despite the promises that Sea Org recruiters made to Alexander, he did not receive a proper education. While other children were in school, Alexander was cleaning toilets and mopping floors at Flag. As a child working in the Sea Org, Alexander was made to work long hours and would sometimes sneak away to call me on the phone in tears.

While LRH had made family time a daily requirement in the Sea Org, things radically changed under COB RTC David Miscavige and family time virtually disappeared. Unless there is a death or a PR flap of some kind, Sea Org members are almost never allowed to see their families. Alexander seldom saw his father, Heber. Factually, years would go by between the times Alexander was allowed to see his father. Alexander called himself "The Boy with no Dad". He saw Heber less than 11 times in 14 years.

COB RTC David Miscavige ordered Heber Jentzsch and I to be divorced and has utterly destroyed our 2nd dynamic.

I was suddenly a single mother with a child to support. Heber was unable to pay any child support.

Indeed, Heber could not even support himself on his $50 per week Sea Org pay. I did not protest this as Heber was the President of the Church of Scientology International and I did not want to create a flap for the Church. The Church had me sign affidavits on video camera that I would never ask for child support.

I was suddenly a single mother with a child to support. Heber was unable to pay any child support. Indeed, Heber could not even support himself on his $50 per week Sea Org pay. I did not protest this as Heber was the President of the Church of Scientology International and I did not want to create a flap for the Church.

I routed out of the Sea Org in 1990 and took many years to pay off my $90,000 Freeloader Debt. I paid my Freeloader Debt so that I could remain a Scientologist in good standing. I knew LRH and knew the Tech worked miracles.

After I left the Sea Org, I remained a loyal member of the Church of Scientology. I raised Alexander by myself and supported him financially when he entered the Sea Org. Alexander served on many posts during the sixteen years he was in the Sea Org. When he was a young man, Alexander married Andrea Kavon, a fellow Sea Org member.

Alexander and Andrea Jentzsch routed out of the Sea Org in 2010 due to the fact that Andrea was pregnant and babies are not allowed in the Sea Org. (She miscarried.)

Sometime after they routed out, I made the decision to publicly depart the Church in 2010 for the same reasons Debbie Cook outlined in her letter of January 1, 2012. Like Debbie, I saw the Church engaging in extreme over-regging and gross out tech. Having been trained to deliver the highest technical levels of Scientology possible, I know what Standard Tech is and is not. My decision to leave the Church was based upon my deep respect for LRH and my 100% commitment to preserve his legacy and technology.

I could no longer be a part of what was happening in the Church under the deeply suppressive management of David Miscavige.

I was declared a Suppressive Person. My son Alexander and his wife were forced to disconnect from me by OSA when I left the Church.

In 2010, Alexander's father Heber Jentzsch was 75 years old and had not been allowed to see our son for many years. Heber has been locked up in the Int Base RPF for many years and remains locked up with other International executives.

Due to the policies of Disconnection and RPF, Alexander effectively had no parents in 2010.

After he left the Sea Org, Alexander took a job in sales at a Scientology-owned company in Dallas. During this time in Dallas, Alexander was involved in a traffic accident that injured him to such an extent that he began to take prescription pain pills. Alexander lost his job and began on a downward spiral.

Because Alexander did not have $10,000 or more, the Church of Scientology would not and give him any auditing to handle the engram from the traffic accident. The Church would not even give Alexander any charity Chaplain auditing. It did not matter that Alexander's parents had served more than fifty years in the Sea Org. There is no compassion or mercy in the Church in present time.

As a Class XII C/S, I have the technical skills necessary to help anyone. I could have helped my son Alexander handle the engram from the traffic accident. However, due to the policy of Disconnection no one from the Church of Scientology ever called me to let me know that my only child had been badly injured in a traffic accident.

As an art dealer, I have a good income. I would have immediately paid to give my son the best medical care possible. Again, however, due to the policy of Disconnection no one from the Church of Scientology ever called me to let me know that Alexander had been badly injured in a traffic accident.

It came as a shock to me, then, when someone called me to let me know that Alexander had been found dead in his bed on the morning of July 3, 2012.

Alexander died at the home of his in-laws in Los Angeles. Both of his in-laws are New OT VII's.

It was only after I began to ask questions that I learned of the traffic accident and that Alexander had allegedly died from a high fever.

Through its spokesperson, the Church was very quick to publicly state that Alexander has left no suicide note and had over-medicated himself. This was a strange and suspicious claim coming from the same Church that claims to have the most powerful technology on the planet. I am working very hard to find out the truth about my son Alexander's death because the Church will not tell me anything and has forbidden Andrea or her family from telling me anything.

The behavior of the Church raises questions:

Where was the tech when Alexander needed it? He served 16 years in the Sea Org. Why not a lifeline in his time of need?

Why did two New OT VII's allow a fellow Scientologist in good standing to over-medicate himself? Why had two OT's failed to help Alexander? This is a gross violation of point one of the Code of Honor written by LRH in 1954:

Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble. Alexander was clearly in need, danger, and trouble and yet he was utterly deserted by the Church of Scientology.

I wanted only to cremate my son quickly per the scriptures of Scientology. When I sent a messenger over to the home of Alexander's in-laws to ask for his body, I was told:

-- Any communication between Andrea and myself must go through OSA
-- There would be no funeral or viewing for Alexander
-- Worse, I was told that I would not be allowed to take one last look at my son

This is the Church of Scientology in 2012 under David Miscavige:

-- An LRH-trained Class XII C/S cannot use the tech to help her own son
-- A grieving mother cannot see her son's body one last time
-- No one will help a comrade in need, danger, or trouble for fear of incurring the wrath of David Miscavige or OSA

The Church did not tell me that Alexander died. I had to find out from someone who cared enough to tell me.

The Church never told you why Debbie Cook left as Captain of FSO. Instead, Debbie Cook sent out a letter herself to tell you why.

The Church is not telling you that LRH's granddaughter Roanne Horwich recently blew from Int Base.

The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige is a Church full of secrets, lies, and injustices.

The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige uses Disconnection and SP Declares only to keep the truth from being known.

I am writing this letter to let you know that the Church has tried to keep secret the news that Alexander Jentzsch -- whose father Heber is still the President of CSI -- died.

The Church is keeping other secrets from you as well:

-- Why is the Super Power Building still not open after almost twenty years?
-- Where does all the money go?
-- Why are the Ideal Orgs empty?
-- Where is the expansion claimed by COB?
-- That the entire Dror Mission in Israel just left the Church, and why.

I am a Scientologist and will always be a Scientologist for I know the power of the tech.

I love LRH and care enough about the tech and the church he created to send you this letter.

I close by quoting what Debbie Cook said very well in her letter:

"We all have a stake in this. It is simply not possible to read the LRH references and not see the alterations and violations that are currently occurring. You have a very simple obligation to LRH. Don't participate in anything off policy, and let others know they should not either. If every person who reads this email does nothing more than step back from off-policy actions we would have changed direction. If we took all that energy and directed it into auditing, training and raw public dissemination, we would be winning."

You can e-mail at [email protected]


Karen de la Carriere
Class XII C/S
Crew member, Flagship Apollo

Hello Karen,
This breaks my Heart BEYOND BELIEF! :( I can't believe that a Mom who has done all the right things regarding this church and life has to go thru this. I am deeply saddened and wish I could erace this for you .
This is so wrong.
I am sending love your way and I hope it can be felt.