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Kate Bornstein sees a photo of Scientology disconnected grandson for the first time


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Kate Bornstein sees a photo of Scientology disconnected grandson for the first time.

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Mike Rinder, Scientology’s former spokesman, reported on a new management team that had taken over a Scientology facility in Los Angeles. If you remember, Mike helped us understand why this was such a significant change, with many “Sea Org” members being shipped from Florida to LA to take over an ailing “org.”

Mike then posted a photograph showing the new crew of hard-asses who had been flown out to set things right in Los Angeles. And after that photo was posted, ESMB researcher Garry Scarff noticed that one of the Sea Org execs was identified as Jessica Baxter — and that was the name of Kate’s daughter.

We then sent the photo to her, asking if her daughter was in the photo. Kate said there was no mistaking it. She circled Jessica in red and then posted the photo to her Instagram account…


She gave it this caption:

“Oh gosh. Today found a week-old photo of my 40 yr old daughter Jessica, an officer in #Scientology’s Sea Organization. Haven’t seen her for 31 years now. I think she looks like me.”
Then, this week, we received a message from an anonymous tipster.

The tipster emailed us a link to a web page from one of Scientology’s front groups which claims to educate the public about drug abuse. The page was several years old and included a photograph. The photo shows some children, wearing anti-drug T-shirts and handing out the front group’s literature. The young boy in the photo, our tipster told us, was named Chris, and was one of Jessica Baxter’s two children.

We forwarded the information to Kate, asking her if she thought it was really her grandson, who she had never met.

She posted this image to her Instagram account…


And she included this caption…

“Just now got my first look at my grandson, Chris, here in a 2007 photo. Inset is me, around the same age. #happyandsad”


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Re: Kate Bornstein sees a photo of Scientology disconnected grandson for the first t

So glad Kate got to see the recent photo of her daughter. Jessica does look like Kate! First thing I noticed!

Amazing resemblance in the boy to Kate, when she was known as Al.

I wonder what is meant by " was one of Jessica Baxter's children"