Kathy Nather Thomas declared SP by Scientology for not disconnecting from children


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Kathy Nather Thomas declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology for not disconnecting from her children.

Kathy Nather Thomas Scientology Service Completions

knatherthomas says
February 28, 2014 at 8:39 pm

“A happy childhood and strong family” really is a thoroughly grating outrageous statement. Mid OT 5 at Flag I was given a “roll back” by a poorly trained MAA who was horrified that I had let my children chose whether to do Scientology or not on their own (At the time of this interview my girls were adamently against me doing OT 5). He proceeded to tell me what a bad Scientologist I was, especially being “so highly trained”. When I told him that this is what the LRH naming ceremony says he acted like I was spewing venom. I knew right then that this “interview” was just name gathering for persecution purposes. I told him flat out “This is not Scientology” which he never acknowledged. He got nothing further out of me and the next day I walked out of Flag with 6 SO members trailing me and flew home. Long story short, I’m now a declared SP for not disconnecting from my children. Children who from the ages of 10 and 7 respectively were hounded to join the SO because it was their duty to save millions of people. Along with this was heavy inval of what they actually wanted to do in life. So much for self determinism being fostered. I could say a lot more but my point is that like Leah, my family is intact. I wish I could say that for so many others whose family members have disconnected under the false notion that they are doing the right thing.

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Disconnection is Scientology's tacit admission/acknowledgement that Scientology is a complete and utter failure.