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Katie Dominguez ex-kid

Katie Dominguez

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Hello! I've been a lurker for quite sometime and I wanted to come out of the closet, both as an ex-scilon kid and as a lesbian. I grew up in Scientology, both my parents were in it and my father still is. My mother realized she was a lesbian and then I did as well. Like mother like daughter. I live in the San Gabriel Valley area and have a son that is Autistic, that alone is an eye opener believing in Scilon-ness.

Its been a huge relief to be able to speak out against so many wrongs going on in the COS.

My family is like many families that get into Scientology, they are low socio-economic status, uneducated, doing blue collar work.

I'm a proud lesbian, single mom, I weigh about 300 pounds and stand at about 5 foot 2, I really waddle quite a bit around, but I LOVE my doughnuts. Nothing is more important to me that good food. (that is, doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, etc...) Without eating lots of fatty calories each day - why bother?

I've not really trained or audited much, I've grown up with all of the data around the house and using it in life.


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Welcome to the board, Katie. I hope you find that some of the stories here resonate with you. Scientology is such a unique experience that you need to talk to others who've been there to sort it all out.

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Welcome, Katie!
I hope you are comfortable here and make friends and learn a lot and laugh a lot. And tell stories.


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:welcome2:, Katie D - :wave: Tell your stories. :drama: You've stepped right up to the plate, coming out :)lol: - literally) - real name and all. :biggrin: Now we want MOAR ! What was it like growing up in there? Separation from parents - siblings? Schooling?

Glad you are out. :thumbsup: :yes:
Hi, Katie,

one of the nicest things about leaving the cult is we don't have to read crap about "homosexuals being 1.1," etc. most of us have loved ones who are gay or we are, ourselves, although I surmise many are in denial in the scio world. I just found it refreshing when you said you're a lesbian right out like that because you certainly don't hear it when in scientology. but the purpose of this post is the following:

in mentioning an autistic child, I wanted to bring something to your attention in case you didn't know about it. I recently watched a very enlightening documentary about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). it was on FSTV (free speech TV, channel 348 in l.a., directv), entitled Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives. it talks about the increase in sickness re asthma, diabetes, autism, infertility, miscarriages, etc., during the past 20 or 30 years. this is something I've wondered about. people have tremendous allergies and food intolerances, it seems. when I was growing up, I didn't know one single person with asthma.

most of the documentary was by scientists, and then came some anecdotal stuff. some parents with autistic children or very allergy-prone kids took them off all foods containing GMOs. the autistic kids fared better. the allergy-prone kids fared better. amazing. a perfect cure? i doubt it. but I think this is worth your looking into.

by the way, I just saw an interview with Miss Montana. she is truly awesome. and she's autistic.