Ken Urquhart - ex-LRH Comm on Anon


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Ken was LRH's Personal Communicator. He devised the RPF - and claims that Hubbard twisted it to his own ends.

I recently sent out a comm about the Anon pickets, with the question
"What would Ron do?". Here is his response:

(He gave me OK to publish.)

"For goodness' sake!

Ron created the damn mess that is now the c of s, creating it with superb
support from Wee Davy. In creating it, LRH snatched shameful disgrace out
of the very jaws of brilliant, probably planet-improving success. Hundreds, if
not thousands of capable beings were ready, years ago, to do their all to
help him change conditions on Planet Earth. The result? Wee Davy sits
across all lines, making sure that he maintains the monopoly that enriches
his elite group, finances the elite's hold on its unaware supporters, and
entices money out of the public in exchange for the opportunity to obey
said elite. Meanwhile, the present-time problems of Mother Earth and of
humanity in general, exacerbated by the greed and stupidity of the
evilly out-ethics, (in government and business, mostly, in my view)
continue without Wee Davy seeming to care a damn. In his arrogance,
he has got up the noses of public people who don't like his
attitude. Throw Davy to them, I say.

I don't think we want Ron back until he has done his lifetime(s) of RPF and
has dealt with the magnitude of his deliberately-chosen failure and of his overts.

When he has his ethics back in, he'll be a thousand times more brilliant,
thanks to the lessons he will have learned.

Let's leave him be to get there from where he is now.

For now, maybe we give thought to how the best and sanest of scientology can be free to do what it means and wants to do, to help those in need who want to help themselves. Must be many billions of those somewhere around here.....

Such is my opinion, worth only what its' worth.

Ken Urquhart"

I had missed this thread....

Thanks for bumping it!

Is more of him and much historical perspective.

He leaves hubbard his humanity while not excusing a bit of his folly.



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comment to Veda

Ken is a nice person, and his comments make sense up to a point.
Ken thinks Ron screwed up on his mission to save Earth, and envisions Ron returning - eventually - "1000 times more brilliant."
It was Ken who wrote, In 'IVy' magazine, that "There is no one of sufficient stature on this planet to stand in judgement of L. Ron Hubbard." If that seems inconsistent with Ken's own criticisms of Ron, it is. There's a conflicted inconsistency in Ken's comments - over-all.
Ron is Ken's savior, and I'm sorry if this upsets the closet-Ron-worshippers, but this little dose of reality is for their own good.
There is abundant evidence that indicates that Ron Hubbard had a self-serving hidden agenda, and that Scientology is very much a mixed bag of trap and freedom, and was designed that way by its founder. And, while, that is not welcome news to the Ron-worshippers, or to the "Scientology works" chanters, it is my humble opinion.

With you on this, Veda. I think that Hubbard served his purpose here a little too long. He encumbered us with a vicious organization that belongs in both of Hubbard's "better off dead clubs". If he would ever have the desire the come back with another clever trap, he should be advised to stay out of Dodge for good. Those who trusted him aren't naive anymore and have become good shots.

dexter gelfand

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Hello old friend

Interesting thread - which I'd never seem! :melodramatic:

Thanks, Dex - and Hi! :thumbsup:

Mike, EPs and Roy

Hi again Mike! I'm proud and happy to say I've had the pleasure of getting to know Ken Urquhurt a bit, a great experience for me. You can trust what he says, 100%.

I'm still waiting to hear more of your story, what happened since the days when I audited you.

Happy holidays:)



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It (usually) goes: adjective (or adverb) noun is adjective.

Paul is a proper noun. That's the official story. Naturally, I would love to see you guys here take up your own funny statements and make them yours :)

From "We can use a noun as an adjective when it precedes a noun that it modifies." "Paul's" functions as an adjective in Alanzo's statement, and thus satisfies the requirement of "adjective, noun, adjective."


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From "We can use a noun as an adjective when it precedes a noun that it modifies." "Paul's" functions as an adjective in Alanzo's statement, and thus satisfies the requirement of "adjective, noun, adjective."

Thank you, FM.

I was going to defend my display of the underbelly of the Anonymous meme myself, but it looks so much better to others if someone else does it for me.