Kha-khans (the term, not the contributor)

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There've been a few threads posted about criticism of CofS and so on. For a wonder, I'm not even the thread op on most of 'em. That's a nice change of pace for y'all, I'm sure.

I wanted to discuss "kha khan status". Ok, it doesn't work. Just about every- maybe EVERY- kha khan designated by Hubbard got fucked with later. The cult is very much "what have you done for us lately." So we know this. Well and good.

But the other thing about kha khan status is that even in a far more benign environment, it just doesn't work. It's elitist, it doesn't take into account anything that's happened later on down the line, it's too arbitrary.

That's why I always shake my head sorrowfully at those who post commentary indicating that this or that person in the critic's scene is beyond reproach, should not be talked back to because of who they are. Sorry, but that's utter bullshit and codswallop. While I do recognize the fact that there are critics who've been and are incredibly effective and who've made great strides in fighting CofS, I do not feel that any single one of them are beyond my right to "talk back" to them. Yet there are some other contributors who are still peddling that same old dreary line. I didn't agree back when Bob Minton was the chief saint of the critic's scene and I don't agree now. I don't give altitude to anyone. That's just a leftover concept from the cult. Those who are still pushing that should think again. '

This doesn't mean that I don't have a good opinion of the things that Bob Minton did in the 90s or that others are doing now. I can fully recognize the fact that someone can accomplish great things and yet still occasionally act like a total assbag on other occasions. So I give kudos to the things that these people have achieved. But that doesn't make them immune from criticism, disagreement, or anything else. It just doesn't.


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I think that most of the top contributors here would agree with you. I am sure that you don't need my permission to disagree with some of my viewpoints. Sometimes I can be way out there. But I am still a little screwed up, and yes still a little angry too. That is what makes this place so very important to people like us.



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Hopefully most would agree with me. I have seen a few comments by people over the years- fairly recently even- that seemed to indicate that certain people must not be talked back to. This is just the same "giving altitude" thing I saw in CofS and I ain't down with it.

Fortunately, there're only a few people who have that misguided beknighted attitude. And this thread is partly there to put them on notice, so to speak.

I may be flame free for the last few months but I'm still ornery and independent. :coolwink:


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Good points, VC.

For the last few years I was in [for the last few years I was in!]
I had the opinion the the CofS should properly be called "The First Church of What Have You Done For Me Lately." :melodramatic: sheesh!