Kim Poff, finally free to speak: ‘I want this story out. I want people to know what...

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Kim Poff, finally free to speak: ‘I want this story out. I want people to know what Narconon did.’

We talked to Kimberly Poff yesterday, the former inspector general who recently won a $200,000 settlement which ended several years of litigation with the state of Oklahoma. We’ve been following Kim’s story since she was fired for acting as a whistleblower when she revealed that Oklahoma’s officials were afraid to take on the [...]


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Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
This is a very important article.

The message from Kim Poff, the former Inspector General of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS) who investigated Narconon says “It’s a dangerous place. Do not send the people you love there.”

Her warning is now out, and there for the world to see.

Kim was a tremendous help to the victims of Narconon in Oklahoma, particularly victims and loved ones who complained to myself and other Narconon critics about the deaths, abuses and fraud occuring at Narconon in Oklahoma. It was Colin Henderson who reached out to her, who forewarded the complaints to her and gave her whatever information she needed to help get the Arrowhead facility investigated. When she attampted to get the license to operate removed, she was attacked, harassed and then fired.

During her time defending her report, and subsequent lawsuit and later EEOC complaint for being fired, she was stalked by private investigators. Narconon and Scientology went full frontal attack to prevent her from doing her job and speaking out when she was prevented from following through to a completion.

Narconon fought against her being able to testify in the wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of the deceased she fought to bring justice to, and prevent others from going through. Thankfully, attorney Gary Richardson was able to get approved by the judge to do a written deposition, with the contition that her former employer, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS), would have rights to review and redact according to it's confidentiality policies.

This deposition transcript was ordered under seal from the public in the Stacy Murphy case, so that any facts could be made known only to the parties about who did what, when. The defendents and ODMHAS fought over the next year with the Murphy family regarding the scope of a protective order on Kim Poff's deposition testimony, and later on key witness testimony. When the judge ruled against Narconon's motions on these, Narconon and ABLE Int knew they was screwed. Settlement talks ensued and the case was dismised shortly there after.

So, despite all their efforts to stop Kim's investigation of Narconon, her efforts to hold them accountable to the dangers of their program never ceased.
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