Kirstie Alley has Scientology Super Power!


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Kirstie Alley has Scientology Super Power!

Tony Ortega: Scientology Sunday Funnies: Kirstie Alley is now Super Powered!

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We’re going to start out this installment of Sunday Funnies with a tip we received from one of our best sources. We’re told that on Friday night, the Flag graduation ceremony in Clearwater, Florida was graced by the presence of none other than super celebrity Scientologist and television actress Kirstie Alley!

Hey, didn’t Kirstie just graduate from OT 7 not very long ago? Yes, we told you that she and Nancy Cartwright and Kelly Preston had all finished recently after being “on the level” as they say. Well, it turns out that Kirstie’s been really busy with her L. Ron Hubbard studies lately, as she was on stage at Flag Friday to celebrate her ascension to SUPER POWER!

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My mother taught me: "If you don't have anything good to say about someone, then don't say anything at all."


I won't say anything.



I saw her at Flag....when I was there protesting at the last IAS Event.

She was riding in a Lexus SUV that tried to make to make a right turn at the corner of Ft Harrison but got caught in traffic and had to stop. I was standing on that corner....and yelled at her a bit.

She lowered her head, and hid.

(she knew who I was from AOLA....)
I drove up Vermont near the complex today and passed her vitamin store, Organic Liaison - it was up for rent. Not a good sign Kirstie. Mimsey

Remember the whole flap over Kirstie Alley‘s diet company? I told you it was connected to Scientology. Kirstie freaked out on the Today show. Then a woman in Hollywood sued her, saying Organic Liaisons was lying about its promises and promotions.

According to the National Enquirer, Alley had to pay $130,000 to Marina Abramyan for false claims. She also had to stop using a claim of “Proven Products” on her labels. It turned out that most of Kirstie’s brief weight loss came from working out on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Now Kirstie has sold whatever was left of Organic Liaisons to her old employer, Jenny Craig. And Alley, overweight again despite Organic Liaisons, has signed on again as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. She’s already in trouble for saying the 20 to 30 pounds she has to lose “isn’t circus fat.” Circus performers are crying foul.

The Organic Liaisons website no longer sells anything. Jenny Craig says they’re going to offer one of Kirstie’s products, a juice drink with vitamins. But basically, the party is over. Goodbye Organic Liaisons. Even Scientology couldn’t save you.

Now everyone, get dancing!


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Original name for Super Power was The Humongous Rundown. Yes, really. :yes: :coolwink:

As named by LRH.


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Lady on left telling Kirsty so fat jokes?


(how come me and TAJ are the only ones laughing, is this stuff politically incorrect? LOL.... Next lifetime when I am in the third grade, I want to sit next to the 2 of youze guys!)