Kyle Brennan - Anybody's Child


Most people who read this are already going to know something about Kyle Brennan and his horrible death some five years ago at scientology’s “mecca” in Clearwater, Florida.

Kyle, a lovely, innocent and kindly boy, a gentle nerd who would not hurt a fly, died from a gunshot wound to the head on February 16, 2007.

The circumstances surrounding Kyle’s death are highly suspicious.

Kyle Brennan died at least in part due to the beliefs of scientology and scientologists as his medically prescribed medication was hidden from him with demands that he instead do highly dangerous and unscientific scientology “therapy” such as that done in its front group “Narconon”.

Scientologists are hardly the only ones in danger of being victims of such quackery. The last year has brought the world tragic news of multiple deaths of innocent people who are not even scientologists who were subjected to highly dangerous practices such as those the scientologists were trying to push onto Kyle as delivered in their front group “Narconon”.

And worse yet, Kyle’s tragic death shows us that the deadly reach of such practices by organized scientology goes even to our children who 1) are not scientologists AND 2) are not even involved with their front groups.
As what happened with Kyle has shown, all someone has to be is in contact with scientologists that believe in and push such practices to lose their very lives. Thus, Kyle Brennan is indeed “anybody’s child”.

For five years now organized scientology has done everything it can to ensure that the entire truth surrounding Kyle’s untimely death has been suppressed through use of the police, through use of the courts and otherwise.
They have ensured that they have to date thwarted every attempt by his grieving mother Victoria Britton to find out what happened to her son that she loved so dearly.

Let us end this now!

Before I suggest what we can do about this, I would like to announce a new a blog prepared by a lovely person, Justin Ross. The site is called: “Justice for Kyle Brennan”.

A link to it is here:

This is the most comprehensive site on the subject of what happened to Kyle Brennan, what led up to it and what has happened with respect to it in the past five+ years.

As of this writing, August 29, 2012, you can see two entries on the blog by Justin. The most current entry logged tonight is an amazing read, a write-up really helping to educate anyone to understand what happened.

The other write-up from a few days ago gives some information about a hearing on the matter in Florida on September 14, 2012.

Very important is the sidebar of links found on this blog. In the event some people do not read the main posting on this blog, I wanted to quote the sidebar that gives these important links:

If our police, courts and other government officials will not stand up to scientology on this matter and if scientologists who know the truth refuse to tell it, then let it be us that take a stand and make a difference despite them.

Kyle’s mother Victoria Britten has more than once told me that this is about her beautiful boy and not her. It is about a boy who lost his life, who was innocent and who lost everything that a future he deserved to live would have given him.

And while I weep with her at her almost unbearable loss, to me it is ALSO about a mother fighting for five years to find out what happened to her child. There is NO closure to be had when scientology and scientologists concerned have done everything in their power to hide the truth from Victoria in the name of their barbaric version of “the greatest good”.

And, without the full truth known Kyle will have died in vain and there will be more of our children similarly lost.

Victoria wants to tell every mother in America and elsewhere what happened here.

If our governments will not stand up to them than let it be us mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and all others of good heart take to a stand.

Victoria knows more than anyone on earth about the hearings on this matter over the past five years. Did you know that no media have had Victoria on to tell us what she knows and the results of her exhaustive studies into court filings, police reports, depositions and the like?

But how can those of us who want to help Victoria help her to do this? And what else might we of little financial or time resources do to make a difference?

I can think of a few things offhand and write them here to perhaps help get the ball rolling.

No one is my or anyone else’s personal army but I ask that all concerned look at the examples below and see if you can find it in your heart to help in one or more ways or perhaps in some other way that I have not listed.

(1) One very simply thing is to just familiarize yourself with as much as you can on the attached blog or that information contained in links found on that blog. Be better educated about it and then perhaps talk with friends and family about this. If we do nothing else, at least let us let someone else know about this so that their child is not the next to fall prey to scientology’s dangerous practices and greed. Send anyone interested to know more to that blog for information. Once again the link is:

(2) Keep this alive. Post about Kyle in forums and blogs when you can. Post in comment sections in relevant articles, press, blogs or anywhere else giving links to this blog or any parts that interest you the most.

(3) See this link on the blog giving the time, place and date of the brief oral arguments happening on Sept 14, 2012 in Florida. If you can make it to show your support please do so. Let press or others you know who might be interested know about this as they may wish to attend. Link =

(4) Kyle’s mother Victoria is going to need financial help in order to continue fighting for the truth. There are many legal expenses (even things like costs of transcripts, flights, hotel, meals). And no matter what happens with legal, the fight to get to the truth will go on. We need, for example, to set up Victoria with proper hardware and software in order to be recorded for radio or TV, to do scans, to make copies and to do anything else needed to fight the good fight. In times past there were not public enough requests for help financially as almost none was given.

Well there are two ways to send her money if you are able and willing to do so, no matter how small:

(a) If you are comfortable with PayPal, her email is : [email protected]

(b) If you would prefer to send a check, cash or money order, her snail mail address is:

Victoria Britton
c/o Friends of Kyle Brennan
3144 Ridgefield Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22911-7205

(5) This is a special appeal to all public and staff as well as former public and staff who were there in 2007 and who know any details of what happened to Kyle and/or the cover-up of same to please speak out and tell what happened. This includes EX ethics officers at Flag, tech staff at Flag, OSA even up to Mike Rinder who may have been over OSA at the time. For the sake of those this could happen to in the future, for Kyle, for the peace of mind of a grieving mother, for the sake of justice or just for honor’s sake tell what happened. Victoria’s email is above. You can email her directly if you don’t want to go public. But for God’s sake, please tell the truth.
It should not matter if you are a corporate scientologist who would like to right a wrong, an Indee, an Ex or anyone else. On this matter all of us should be joined at the heart and not have any other agenda but that of truth and justice here.

(6) If you have any contacts with internet media, radio, TV, press, you name it, tell them of this story. Give them a link to the blog and ask them to interview Victoria. With some quick financial help we could have Victoria ready for interviews in days. She has not been able to tell her story to date. Let’s change that. This is a link to some of her own research that might interest concerned media:

I am very sorry for the length of this post. Plus I do not wish to say that anyone must do any or all of the above. But if you want to help, the above are some simple ways to do so.

For Kyle, for a Mother’s love and for great justice!

As a beautiful Anon said in a protest video in 2008: ”It is time for the Church of Scientology to get out of Love’s way”.

Thank you for listening.

Denise Brennan (5th paragraph)

"Kyle had been shot in the head with his father’s, and his father’s .357 Magnum was lying near his body. There is no evidence that Kyle committed suicide since there was no suicide note and Kyle’s fingerprints were found nowhere including the revolver and ammunition found at the scene.

The investigating detective failed to perform a Gun Shot Residue test, and so there is no evidence that Kyle pulled the trigger on his father’s weapon."

How did the authorities come up with the conclusion that it was a suicide?


Gold Meritorious Patron (5th paragraph)

"Kyle had been shot in the head with his father’s, and his father’s .357 Magnum was lying near his body. There is no evidence that Kyle committed suicide since there was no suicide note and Kyle’s fingerprints were found nowhere including the revolver and ammunition found at the scene.

The investigating detective failed to perform a Gun Shot Residue test, and so there is no evidence that Kyle pulled the trigger on his father’s weapon."

How did the authorities come up with the conclusion that it was a suicide?

Very, Very fishy.

Today is Sept 14th----May we ALL have good wishes,
prayers ...HOPE that true Justice comes about today,
for Kyle. I don't have high hopes----but I'm going to have
my attention on it all day.

For Kyle, and his Mom:: :heartflower::flowers2::flowers::love2:




Crusader (5th paragraph)

"Kyle had been shot in the head with his father’s, and his father’s .357 Magnum was lying near his body. There is no evidence that Kyle committed suicide since there was no suicide note and Kyle’s fingerprints were found nowhere including the revolver and ammunition found at the scene.

The investigating detective failed to perform a Gun Shot Residue test, and so there is no evidence that Kyle pulled the trigger on his father’s weapon."

How did the authorities come up with the conclusion that it was a suicide?

If there was no evidence of suicide, shouldn't there have been a murder investigation?


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Here is a link to a thread on WWP that tells about and discusses much of what happened in the hearing last Friday.

There is some good information there:

We are about to enter a phase where we can help give Victoria's words wings by helping her to speak out. Even more important than this case is the truth and getting it out.

Some suggestions for anyone who would like to help see this happen are in the OP.

Free to shine

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Some comments from the above link Thankyou Anons!!:

Just got back from the courthouse. It was great meeting all you other anons and Kyle Brennan supporters. Being the lone anon from Jax, and this being my first protest, I arrived not knowing what to expect. Any concerns I had were quickly dispelled after meeting AMA and six. The police presence was great, friendly, it also turned out that I knew the watch commander. :)

In regards to the hearing. I think it went very well for our side. I'll let the others go into detail as they are more familiar with the case. But, personally, I expect good things to happen come November.

It was, for me, a very emotional setting. Seeing the emotions in Kyle's family in contrast to the blank stares of the scilons in the courtroom was pretty powerful. Having never met a scilon--that I know of--I immediately learned how to recognize them. They are the people with no facial expression, angry glances, no affectation whatsoever. They just stared ahead, barely blinking. Creepy.

All of us went into the court room, except for one brave solo anon. They decided to stay outside, alone, with their sign and handed out the flyers that I brought. Thank you, lone anon. ;)

I look forward to hearing what the others say and their perceptions on the hearing. I believe there will even be a group photo, but we'll have to wait until they get to wherever they were heading. ;)

The biggest surprise was coming back to the Court House as 6, YouSeeNothing, and everyone else pouring out. 6 wanted to introduce me to the legal team, but I had no idea Kyle Brennan's mom would actually be there. She clasped my hand and thanked us for protesting on behalf of her son in a choked voice, and we gave her AMA's 'We Remember Kyle Brennan' poster as a gift. It was incredibly touching to see her in person, pointing to the pictures on the sign and describing her favorite one. MoarXenu took a big group picture with the protestors and legal team, which he should upload sometime tonight.

I'm a little rusty on this case, but as I recall the legal question is whether the case raised any questions that needed to be answered by a jury. The judge reached conclusions on issues that the plaintiff/appellant argued are the exclusive province of a jury.

1. Foreseeability of injury when an anti-depressant is abruptly discontinued or withheld from a disabled adult.
2. Whether Mr. Brennan owed a duty to his son as a guest.
3. Whether David Miscavige's twin sister and other Flag officials failed to fulfill any duty owed to Kyle.

So nauseating, knowing what we do about the case, that we have to move forward with the assumption that Kyle took his own life.

Well after reading some of the writing it appears you had a 20yr old in a fragile emotional state on an SSRI Lexapro. Whom after having been involved in a traumatic incident while on vacation he went to visit his father.

Rather than the father helping the child he only compounded the trauma using his authoritarian domination over the young man forcing him to move in with him.

The parent with whom the 20yr old resided firmly stated that the young man should stay on medication and the young man had stated his wish to do the same. It is totally irresponsible to immediately stop taking this SSRI's without a withdrawal taper that should have been managed by a medical professional.

Knowing that his child Kyle was going through an emotional episode and had suffered from previous mental health issues the father was fully aware of his son's state of mind. As well as his being on medication for treating a medically diagnosed issue. This coupled along with the fact that Kyle would have known of his fathers propensity to have firearms at his residence is quite troubling.

I hope myself that a jury will be allowed to hear this case as I believe should have occurred in the first place.

My personal belief, and it differs somewhat from the briefs, is that liability lies here because Thomas Brennan and Scientology are responsible for the existence of the injury, that is, the removal of necessary psychiatric medication. Therefore, they were responsible to remove from the premises items like handguns that resulted in the ultimate and fatal injury against Kyle Brennan.

That someone on antidepressant medications who had expressed suicidal ideation and appeared to be a danger to himself might act on that ideation if the medications were removed is entirely foreseeable. By creating that situation, the defendants also shouldered the burden of a duty of care to the plaintiff.

Btw, I've had the distinct privilege and honor of meeting Kyle's mother Victoria. A child could only hope to have a mother half as loving and caring as she is. I stand in awe of mothers who love their children as much as she loves hers.

Tom Brennan, on the other hand, makes me appreciate my own father a little bit more.

You are much better versed on this than I however from reading the Appellants Initial Corrected Brief of Feb 16th 2011 it becomes quite disturbing. Reading the mother's log as well as the treating psychiatrists statements along with the father's statements and his own fears' of leaving Kyle alone as well as his statement he felt Kyle was a suicide risk. However he still left Kyle alone know of these risks along with a loaded weapon on the premises. Kyle stated to his uncle he had been taking the medication prior to his arrival and wished to continue the taking the drug.

The treating physician stated that because of the known actions of the drug Lexapro that Kyle could go 48-72hrs without taking the drug. As long as the drug were re-introduced before the lapse of the 72hr period Kyle would remain stable. However the abrupt withdrawal coupled with Kyle's fear he could no longer access the drug ie. the father locking it in his trunk. That this could have precipitated Kyle's suicide who had a known medical diagnoses of schizophrenia as well as depression as well as depression. I think the medical diagnose of schizophrenia easily puts this the realm of the layman educated through a jury trial to be able to come to a determination of guilt by any associated parties at a trial.

Maybe there are earlier filings I am unaware of otherwise I feel the judge was incorrect in that there were to many inferences to be drawn by a jury trial. I believe his mothers' case does not rely upon esoteric arguments or evidence that could not be placed into context and a verdict rendered by the average American.

For the record, the main crux of the argument about whether Kyle was taking his medication was that the bottle his mother filled was from CVS but the bottle they found with him was Walmart. And they know how many pills each one had. So if, for instance, he just had the Walmart bottle, sixty pills missing wouldn't be enough for him to be taking them regularly, but Walmart AND CVS, 120 pills would be. (And that's not the number of pills that were missing, just giving an example).

Additionally one of the strong symptoms of that particular medication is sleepiness, so Lirot went through all these examples of Kyle's dad and aunt and so on and so forth complaining about him sleeping all the time as evidence he was taking enough of the pills to have an effect. Plus both psychiatrists apparently gave statements saying that taking the medicine seven days in a row would be enough to build up a lasting effect...which would result in a crash during sudden withdrawel.

Basically, Scientology's side was claiming that 1) Kyle's mom was mistaken and the bottle she thought she got from CVS was actually the same Walmart bottle, thus meaning Kyle wasn't taking his pills regularly, 2) Kyle willingly gave up the medication (extensive debate over the use of the phrase "I took his medication" vs "he gave me the medication" in the police report), and 3) there would have been no sudden crash from withdrawal, so it wasn't the removal of the meds that caused the suicide.

That's plus the whole duty issue, which tbh made Potter come across as a gigantic asshole.

Also there is nothing better than seeing a Scientology lawyer have to say the line "Well, he took the medication, but he didn't take the medication..." Srsly, wtf.

This is such a illuminating and thoughtful discussion I really appreciate everyone's questions and insights particularly our lawfags.

There is an important part of the story that is barely mentioned which is Kyle's first stay in CW 15 Aug 2006 to 7 Sep. In May Denise Miscavige became Brennan's auditor. In June he found out Kyle was seeing a psych. IN July he invited Kyle to take a semester off and live with him. It was a deceit. The sole purpose was to handle Kyle because Tom was PTS and could not do auditing with Denise or any training. Very embarrassing for him as a staffer at the West Tampa and Denise as a Scientology celebrity

So Tom and his girlfriend Wendy (a staffer from NY in CW for advanced cult studies and a friend of Denise, who introduced him to Brennan) tried to handle Kyle for three weeks straight attempting to get him to take a personality test. The handling culminated in an argument after which Kyle first learned that he was an SP and Enemy of the Church of Scientology followed by Brennan threatening him with physical violence and terrorizing him.

Kyle resisted all of this as he was to resist attempts to handle him on his last trip to CW. But his heroism and awesomeness has been nearly obliterated by the circus over disqualifying Ken Dandar. We need to recover Kyle from the lies and distortions told about him by Detective Bohling and Brennan and his sisters.

Anon has written Kyle was Schizophrenic and it is very important to kill that lie. Kyle was diagnosed only with mild depression and functioning well on Lexapro. He received a major psychic would he had to deal with from the attempted handling and terrorization of the first visit.

He was not a "deeply troubled young man". He was a young man the age of many anons, who had been brutalized as a direct result of cult demands to handle him. They are entirely responsible for the traumatic stress he endured.

The diagnosis of Kyle as Schizophrenic is a fabrication of Bohling and it is mind-boggling. Marti Scholl was the medical examiner and arrived at the crime scene about 30 minutes after the police arrived. It was her job to determine the cause of death, and she falsely declared Kyle a suicide. She said that she did so because the police told her there was a suicide note, and there was no suicide note.

If she had not officially declared him a suicide then Bohling would have been forced to investigate a suspicious violent death and among other things would have swabbed Brennan's hands for a Gun Shot Residue test to confirm whether or not he pulled the trigger on the weapon that killed Kyle. Bohling blocked even the processing of a GSR for Kyle so there is no evidence that he pulled the trigger on any weapon.

So it is incorrect to say, "Kyle was killed (let alone committed suicide) with his father's .357 Magnum." All you can say is that he was found dead with his father's weapon lying nearby. With no fingerprints there is no evidence of suicide or that the .357 was used. Even more disturbing in Jerry Gentile's KR dated the day after Kyle's death there is no mention of a .357. The weapon is consistently referred to as a Special .8, another popular hand gun with a slightly larger bore.

Bohling instructed Scholl to confirm Kyle's diagnosis with his psych, Dr. Stephen McNamara. She left a msg, but McNamara says in his depo that he never returned the call and never returned the call and never spoke to Scholl or anyone else in CW. He added, that schizophrenics are not even capable of making airline reservations and buying tickets as Kyle did for his journey.

So Bohling lied. And he lied about every report of Kyle condition from people who interacted with him on his trip.

It is important to kill the meme that Kyle experienced suicidal ideation. There is zero evidence of that. Only once is it mentioned and that is by Brennan to Victoria in a conversation a day or two after Kyle's arrival in CW. It was the first Victoria had heard any mention of suicide so he grilled Brennan and admitted he had no evidence Kyle was expressing suicidal ideation.

I think Brennan's assertion that he was afraid to leave Kyle alone is complete bullshit. He was working flogging cult literature at the Florida State Fair for five and a half hours every night Kyle was there and during the day had to take care of his handyman's business.

muldrake wrote I and could not agree more:

My personal belief, and it differs somewhat from the briefs, is that liability lies here because Thomas Brennan and Scientology are responsible for the existence of the injury, that is, the removal of necessary psychiatric medication. Therefore, they were responsible to remove from the premises items like handguns that resulted in the ultimate and fatal injury against Kyle Brennan.

Whether Kyle's death was a suicide or a homicide, as Brennan's lawyer declared to the court, Scientology is completely responsible for his death. They either drove him to suicide or killed him, as horrifying and unthinkable as that is.

If I understand our lawfags correctly the appeals judges will make their decision solely on the basis of matters of law and not of fact. I find this seriously disturbing because of Bohling's investigation and lie-filled report. But apparently it is no concern of the appeals judges that the defendants lied repeatedly under oath.

They and judge Merryday freely quote from Bohling's report and Brennan's account of Kyle last days as if they are completely reliable and their accounts are totally accurate.

In his order for dismissal Merryday wrote:

Assuming that Kyle's father and the other Scientologists are liars Scientology's respnsibility is possible, but this theoretical and remote possibility [sic!!!] is unsupported evidence and reasonable and direct inference from the evidence.

This sentence indicates to me that Merryday did not even bother to read let alone study the depositions which reveal not only Brennan, Miscavige, and Gentile, but Bohling are the grossest of liars.

So there are two questions in my mind:

1. What does an appeals judge like Frank Hull (a woman) do if she bothers to read the depos and discover just how thoroughly they have lied?

2. What recourse to find answers and justice for Kyle does Victoria have if the appeal is denied despite the massive lying evident in the depos themselves?

Wasn't Kyle also talking to the FBI? That's where the cult being interested in his downfall starts making a lot of sense.

Yes. When Kyle was 12 Victoria and Brennan separated. Brennan returned to the cult after an absence of >20 years (he had been a staffer in Miami for two or three years in his early twenties).

He started going up to DC for (expensive) re-cultification and basically started all over again. And he started embezzling money from the family catering company.

In 2000 when Kyle was 14 Brennan started a fire in his apartment which destroyed his and 3 other apartments and which conveniently destroyed all the business papers that would have incriminated him.

The embezzlements and probable arson would be known to every auditor (including Denise Miscavige), ethics officers, and OSAbot he interacted with and through endless writing up of his overts and withholds.

During the August 2006 visit Kyle experienced Brennan as completely cultified and in full cult mode as a staffer and saw how the cult had turned him into a degraded being. In part to save him from the evil cult, Kyle set out on his two and a half month journey to contact the FBI and attempted to pursuade them to investigate.

Kyle called both the Ivy Gardens complex where the fire took place and the FBI during his last days in Clearwater. Brennan only discovered this two or three days before his death, and he freaked out. Kyle refused to tell him why he was calling the FBI.

This was far more serious that him being a psych patient among other things because of the possibility about public scandal for Denise Miscavige.. It would have demanded immediate handling. Perhaps this is connected to his death

During a previous visit the firearm had been discussed between Kyle and his brother, the brother had searched and found no ammunition on the premise.

Kyle was aware of a firearm, his father had previously been fined by the IRS for tax issues. Kyle left notes describing him wanting to go to the FBI about his fathers' previous activity involving tax evasion/criminal acts during his last stay with him. The father became aware the Kyle had called the FBI during his fateful stay and somehow ammunition had miraculously appeared.

That a jury does not get a chance to hear this case in freakin unbelievable!


Patron Meritorious
The Florida appeals court didn't take long to knock back the
appeal against the dismissal of the Kyle Brennan wrongful
death lawsuit ...

Yes and I would like to repeat something here about this that I posted on WWP last night:

While this is disappointing for many, IMO the truth was never going to come out in this case and justice was never going to happen because of this case.

Even if Kyle's estate were to prevail in a civil case, organized scientology will ensure as much truth as possible is hidden and can just offer a big money settlement and force the courts to accept it.

And that is the last thing that Kyle's mother Victoria wants.

Yes it is a drag that the appeal was denied but there is so very much more we can do that does not depend on any legal case.

For example, check out again the posting I did "Kyle Brennan - Anybody's Child":

The legal case was only one thing mentioned in a list of a number of simple things we can do to help.

IMO the most important thing is to get out the truth and to this end we will be hearing from Victoria before long. We are going to ensure many thousands, and I hope millions, hear about this before we are done.

What I think we should go for is trying to find all the truth of what happened to Kyle but also do everything we can to get out the truth we do know so that more and more people know and there is less and less a chance of them or their loved one becoming victims like Kyle, like Lisa, like Alexander and like many others who have been victims of an uncaring organized scientology.

I never believed that one can make a big difference on the long term by trying to beat organized scientology legally. But we can make a huge difference by getting out the truth. I once posted about this explaining exactly why I feel that way and giving examples to support my feelings:

Do not lose heart here. Let us help Victoria speak out to the world.

I already know that her story has made a real difference to some but I cannot yet go into details.

I had a long chat with her tonight and told her that so many of us support her and hold her and Kyle deeply in our hearts. I told her that we would not let this matter die. And, that I believe many of us will be there to support her as per the first above mentioned thread.

Do not despair.

This is not hardly over.

It has just begun.

Stay tuned and do help if you can.

- Denise Brennan


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It begins:

From WWP about a radio show to air today, September 21, and Sunday:

On this program, Tom Smith interviews Luke Lirot about the Kyle Brennan case. This show will air Friday 21 Sept 2012 and Sunday 23 Sept 2012 from 2:00 - 2:53 p.m. eastern U.S. time at

After broadcast, the program will be available at


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On March 19. 2013 David Love wrote an excellent article about what happened to Kyle Brennan and about his mother Victoria Britton seeking justice.

I highly recommend reading the article. And for anyone who would like to spend a very small amount of time to help in Victoria’s search for justice, just read the original posting in this thread for some very simple ideas.

If you do not wish to hit the above link, here is the text of the article:

Today, I spoke again with Victoria Britton about her frustrating journey to seek justice for her young son, Kyle Brennan.Perhaps it was best explained on a recent radio show when Victoria said: “I felt like I had been sucked up in a pneumatic tube and deposited into this very dark, dark underworld that made little or no sense to me — it’s been a horrific journey, and I don’t have any words…”
Link to podcast of -“Justice for Kyle Brennan”:

The impression that emerges from the conversations I’ve had with Victoria over the past few weeks is that the chances of obtaining justice in Scientology’s mecca, Clearwater, Florida, would be the same as in a “kangaroo court,” especially when Scientology stands accused.

After reviewing countless court documents and sworn affidavits and speaking to numerous people,many have concluded that Victoria’s journey for justice and for a proper investigation was fraught with discrepancies, lies, and conflicting, fabricated testimony.

Kyle Brennan: AMother Remembers Kyle Brennan: A Mother Remembers

On February 16, 2007,20-year-old Kyle Brennan was found shot through the head under circumstances so suspicious that the possibility he was murdered, shocking as it is, cannot be excluded.

There are indications that evidence was tampered with, that the medical examiner improperly declared his death a suicide, and that the two-year police investigation was carried out so as to suppress Scientology’s role in Kyle’s death.

In early January 2006,when Kyle was nineteen, he started seeing psychiatrist Dr. Stephen McNamara,who diagnosed him with mild depression and prescribed the anti-depressant Lexapro.

With therapy and his medication, Kyle was apparently doing very well, until his Scientologist father discovered in mid-summer of 2006 that Kyle was seeing a psychiatrist.

Kyle’s father, Tom Brennan, a practicing Scientologist, adheres to the Hubbard policy “of all-out war onpsychiatry” that blames psychiatrists for the catastrophic ruination of the human race. Scientology leader David Miscavige has set “the elimination of psychiatry it all its forms” as an objective for all Scientologists.

In August 2006, Kyle went to live with his father, Tom Brennan, in an apartment in Florida. Tom was a handyman for David Miscavige’s twin sister, Denise Miscavige, and he was also involved with Scientology and taking Scientology courses.

Tom Brennan knew his son had seen a psychiatrist who prescribed medication for a mental illness. Kyle’s mom told Tom: “Make sure Kyle takes his medication,” and Tom agreed to do so. In effect, he was taking on the responsibility of helping his son continue to take the prescribed medication.

One of the major tenets of Scientology is total opposition to psychiatric treatment and medications. As a practicing Scientologist, Tom Brennan could not maintain a relationship with his son who was undergoing psychiatric treatment or consuming psychotropic drugs. He had no choice but to report the matter to his superiors, to his confidant, Denise Miscavige, and to an Ethics Officer.

Tom also knew that Kyle was talking to the FBI and, when he confronted Kyle and demanded to know what he was doing, Kyle refused to tell him. Kyle apparently had dirt on his dad and Scientology, and he had contacted the FBI and other police authorities on several occasions.

Not only is Scientology the fiercest enemy of psychiatry and its medications, but it also dives into panic mode when someone is reporting Scientology or an individual Scientologist to the FBI.

In Scientology policy doctrine, Kyle was an “enemy” of Scientology and this needed to be handled expeditiously.

Even though Kyle was not a Scientologist, the Ethics Officer gave Tom Brennan written orders to remove his son from the apartment and “handle” the situation with his son according to Scientology “policy.”

In compliance with the commands from the Scientology Ethics Officer, Tom Brennan locked Kyle’s prescription Lexapro in the trunk of his car and told Kyle he had to leave.

Although there is disagreement over whether Kyle’s dad “took” the pill bottle and hid it in his car trunk or whether Kyle willingly handed it to him for storage, the facts that emerged from police officer Yuen’s sworn deposition are that: "Thomas encouraged Kyle to stop taking the medications and ‘took the prescription bottle from him’ approximately three days" before his son's death.

Tom called Victoria onThursday, February 15, 2007 and stated that “the church was placing a lot of pressure on him and that Kyle had to move out.” At the end of the conversation, Tom said “not to worry, that he would take care of everything.” Victoria’s last words in that conversation were: “Tom, tell Kyle that I love him and please keep Kyle safe.”

In the Clearwater Police report, Brennan told detective Yuen that Kyle’s bed was stripped of all linens and that Kyle’s bags were packed because Kyle was going home to Virginia on Monday. The perplexing question is why was the bed stripped and the bags packed days before Kyle was going to move out?

Victoria’s phone rang on February 17, 2007, at 1:18 a.m. The voice on the other end said: “Is thisVictoria? I’m calling to tell you that your son Kyle is dead.”

Victoria dropped the phone and screamed: “No! No! No!”

Kyle was found dead beside a laundry basket, with Tom Brennan’s 357 Magnum beside his hand. Tom had stored his gun in a nightstand beside his own bed and the bullets in the nightstand on the opposite side. Tom has insisted that he always kept the gun in a green, zipped-up duffle-type bag, but it is notable that this information was discarded by detectives as irrelevant. There was no green duffle bag at the scene.

Neither the bullet that caused the exit wound nor any fragments of it were ever found. None of the GSR (gunshot residue) swabs taken from Kyle in evidence were ever processed. The gun’s owner and first person on the scene, Tom Brennan, was not subjected to any GSR swabbing for potential evidence of wrongdoing.

Moreover, there was no suicide note.

The fact that Kyle had a laptop and iPod in the apartment was not known to police investigators until days later. If Kyle’s death was a suicide, one would have expected the investigators to search for a personal laptop or a device such as an iPod for any message or suicide note, since no paper note was found.

Shortly after Kyle’s death, Kyle’s laptop was removed from the scene and ended up in the hands of Jerry Gentile, David Miscavige’s brother-in-law. Files that could have served as evidence were deleted. Also concealed from detective Stephen Bohling was the existence of Kyle Brennan’s iPod, which was eventually sent to Kyle’s mom.

The fact that the laptop, iPod, green gun bag, and bullet or fragments were not found suggests that little or no searching was conducted in the apartment — contrary to what should be the normal procedure in most cases.

A few days before he died, Kyle went to the bank and made a deposit, indicating to many that this was not the mindset of someone contemplating suicide.

Some have even questioned whether this was a case of premeditated murder or a deliberate attempt to drive Kyle ‘over the edge’ by taking away his medication. The plot thickens with many twists and turns and many more unanswered questions.

Perhaps the words of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, ring louder than many think: “We'd rather have you dead than incapable” and “dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.”

The Clearwater police investigation into the tragic and suspicious death of 20-year-old Kyle Brennan resulted in missing evidence and raises the question: did the police detectives perform normal due diligence in securing the crime scene and the witnesses, or were they influenced by the fact that Denise Miscavige, the twin sister of Scientology’s leader, was at the scene?

In his review of the “available evidence,” Judge Steven D. Merryday stated that the plaintiffs had nothing to counter Thomas Brennan's account of events, and he dismissed the case summarily without allowing it to be heard by a jury.

Victoria Britton was denied her day in court for justice to be served.

I’ve discussed this complex case with many persons, including fathers, and it is difficult to fathom leaving a powerful handgun in a nightstand in the room next to where his young son sleeps. And if a father is aware, as Kyle’s father was, that his beloved son has been prescribed medication to alleviate depression, this is all the more reason NOT to have a handgun and ammunition in the home.

In the investigation of a suicide or a murder, motives are paramount to determine which directions to follow. Simply believing or assuming this or that based on opinion and conjecture can lead to inference and drawing conclusions not based on factual evidence. There do exist facts that should be taken into account when considering motives in this case.

It is hard to imagine a so-called church taking the law into its own hands or orchestrating a suicideor even a murder, but Scientology has a long history of criminal activity andconvictions. Its negligent disregard for all who oppose it is evident in many deaths and extreme human rights abuses.

During thisinvestigation, Victoria Britton faced several of L, Ron Hubbard’s policies:"If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace."

"In any event,any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind, because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such restraints."

And another infamous Hubbard quotation states: “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TOTHEM.”

During our talk earlier today, Victoria was candid about her feelings: “It’s horrible because I feel like I’ve been fighting for so long for the truth and to get some accountability, and there are moments where I feel I have failed. It’s really frustrating, and there are times when I feel really alone.”

Victoria prays that this case will be reopened and that a jury will hear all the “available evidence” in a court of law. A jury trial is essentially an effort to determine the truth, and it is a system that Americans have come to prize so highly. Did a person actually do what the state says he or she has done?

“The question has been asked whether [trial by jury] is among those fundamental principles of liberty and justice which lie at the base of all our civil and political institutions.. . . We believe that trial by jury is fundamental to the American scheme of justice. . . . The jury trial provisions in the Federal and State Constitutions reflect a fundamental decision about the exercise of official power — a reluctance to entrust plenary powers over the life and liberty of the citizen to one judge or to a group of judges.”

- Justice Byron White,in Duncan v. Louisiana (1967)

Kyle Brennan was a young man with a long life ahead of him, and many questions remain about his death and who may be responsible.

David Edgar Love

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Victoria may have lost the appeal but Justice for Kyle Brennan is still the goal. Visit and bookmark Victoria Britton's blog, called The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Here is a moving most recent video where you get to meet Kyle's mom and come to know more about Kyle the person, at their home in VA

Scientology Documentary Tour Interviews Victoria Britton
David Love
Published on Aug 15, 2013

August 15, 2013: "Scientology Cult of Confusion" documentary filming tour. Short 3 minute clip of trip to Virginia and interview with Victoria Britton about her struggle with the death of her son, Kyle Brennan at the hands of Scientology. An emotional on camera interview and visit to Kyle Brennan's bedroom where it remains the same today as when he left. Very sad.


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Victoria may have lost the appeal but Justice for Kyle Brennan is still the goal. Visit and bookmark Victoria Britton's blog, called The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Here is a moving most recent video where you get to meet Kyle's mom and come to know more about Kyle the person, at their home in VA

Scientology Documentary Tour Interviews Victoria Britton


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