Kyle Brennan's Mother Victoria to Speak Out


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In coordination with my dear friend Moarxenu I am making this announcement of a two-hour radio program featuring Victoria Britton.

Victoria is Kyle Brennan's mother and is someone I hold very dear in my heart as one of the most beautiful, kind and gentle persons I have ever met and known.

I have been waiting for months to announce her speaking out since I first posted about Kyle Brennan being anybody's child on here ( ) and suggesting how we might all help give his mother's voice wings.

We promised that although scientology seemed to succeed in preventing her story from being fully told in the courts, we would ensure her story would get out nonetheless.

And now finally it begins.

This follow's Moarxenu announcing this on WWP:

The God Discussion Show has announced that Victoria Britton – whose son Kyle Brennan diedin Clearwater, Florida, the Scientology Mecca, under very suspicious circumstanceswhile visiting his Scientologist father -- will be the featured guest for the program’stwo-hour Friday, February 15 live podcast.

Speaking publicly forthe first time, Victoria will share with radio host Deborah Beeksma her 20-year-old son's story: what he was likegrowing up; how Kyle, a non-Scientologist, felt about the Church of Scientology;and how he became a victim of the church's dictatorial "handling"mandate and its well-known war against psychiatry and psychotropic medications.

Victoria will also talkabout Narconon, the Scientology-run facility that bills itself as a legitimatedrug rehabilitation center. Victoria's segment will last one hour.

During the show's secondhour, ex-Scientologist Lance Marcorwill discuss "handling" and "disconnection", two ofScientology's most injurious policies; Dr.Stephen Wiseman will talk about the church from a psychiatrist's point ofview; and David Love will talk aboutNarconon - how the facility treats illegal drugs and medically approved medicationsas being one in the same, and post traumatic stress reported by participants inthe Narconon program.

The Friday, February 15show will air at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern/times, and 2amGMT. The show can be accessed through the God Discussion Show page. A podcast will be posted at the site after the broadcast.

Dr. Stephen Wiseman is a psychiatrist and the medical director of the Complex PainCentre at St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, Canada. He has researched andpresented on Scientology's relationship with psychiatry for many years,conducting workshops at both the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associationannual conferences.

Dr. Wiseman is aproponent of evidence-based medicine, and believes that the fear andmis-information presented by Scientology about psychiatry over the years hasperpetuated the stigma against patients and their families and has been verydestructive to the cause of rational mental health treatment for all whorequire it.

David Love,who was born on the West Coast of British Columbia, now resides in the Montrealarea. David formed a charitable organization in 1990 and was the director of arehabilitation center for substance abuse.

David was both a patient and astaffer at the Narconon facility in the province of Quebec and is completing abook on his experience there. He has appeared on several God Discussion shows.
Lance Marcor joinedScientology’s “Sea Org”, the unit comprising the church’s most dedicatedmembers, in 1978. Two years later, after arriving at “Flag Land Base”, the FortHarrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, Scientology’s spiritual headquarters,
Lance was fully trained in thechurch’s “ethics policy”, a bedrock principle of founder L. Ron Hubbard’steachings, and put in charge of 300 staff members’ “ethics.” Lance left thechurch in 2007, and he is uniquely qualified as a former Scientology insider tospeak about the organization’s inner workings and little-understood doctrine,policies, and procedures.
GodDiscussion is a site “for believers who don’tgo to church.” The views expressed on the site are not expressly denominational.It honors points of view from many traditions in discussion about God and howbeliefs impact families, government, and culture.
For background we refer readers to the articleat Justice For Kyle Brennan - The death of 20-year-old KyleBrennan as an Enemy of the Church of Scientology.

I intend to do everything I can to help spread the message from Victoria throughout the internet and elsewhere.

It is the story that must be told and as we approach the anniversary of Kyle's horrible death at scientology's "mecca" it will now at last be told by the person who can best tell it to us all.

Perhaps our government will not stop organized scientology from being such a great danger to our children but I submit that all of us mothers and father can and will.

Let this be a new beginning of getting this story told. And I still recommend some easy ways in this link that any of us can help this happen if we wish :

For the sake of justice may we help ensure Kyle has not died in vain and his story is not lost to mothers and fathers everywhere.

David Miscavige brace yourself.

For Kyle.

For a mother's love.

And for great justice.
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Happy Birthday, Justme!!

This show is going to be terrific! Please. readers, make a point to listen in. Besides the dear Victoria Britton telling her story publicly for the first time, there will be ex Flag staff member Lance Marcor, David Love and one of the most important allies we have in exposing CCHR and Narconon, Dr Stephen Wisemen.


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This is going to be an excellent show. As Mary pointed out Lance Marcor, who was an exec at Flag for 18 years, is going to be speaking.

He submitted an essential and excellent Second Declaration in the wrongful death suit, which explains in detail how Scientology policies regarding the Handling of SPs and demands on Tom Brennan to extinguish his PTS condition bore down on Kyle Brennan and ultimately killed him.

Lance is not an activist and is unknown on any of the critical boards. I am much looking forward to hearing him.

Dr. Wiseman and David Love are always excellent.

The US show times are 6/7/8/9 pm.
It is on very late in Europe at 3am GMT.
However, in Australia in will air at the more civilized hours of 10:30 am in Western Australia and noon in Queensland.

Don't forget that you can register for the chat room and support Victoria as she speaks in the first half of the show and pose questions for Dr. Wiseman, Lance, and David in the second half.

After studying the court documents and reading all the articles at Justice For Kyle Brennan, and especially "The death of 20-year-old Kyle Brennan as an Enemy of the Church of Scientology" - - I am convinced that Kyle's death is the greatest Scientology scandal since the death of Lisa McPherson in 1995.

Kyle was subjected to the most vile, deceitful, and abusive handling by his father and Denise Miscavige Gentile to extinguish Brennan's PTS condition throughout his first trip to Clearwater in August 2006 and his second trip that ended in his death in February 2006.

Though the judges who handled the case and ultimately denied its appeal decided that the Scientology defendants bore zero liability for Kyle's death because they believed he committed suicide, the possibility that Kyle was a victim of homicide is very, very real.

It is clear from documents and especially the depositions that the investigating detective and the Scientology defendants lied massively about everything, and that the detective, and OSA have engaged in equally massive cover-ups and tampering with evidence.

The Handling of Kyle Brennan is a scandal in itself that is barely yet known. How widely known the scandal becomes depends on how widely Victoria's story of Kyle's Handling is picked up by the media, and the ESMB community can make a substantial contribution on that front.

How big a scandal it becomes depends on what action the FBI and law enforcement authorities take to investigate what is clearly a massive obstruction of justice and violation of Kyle's civil rights.

I enourage everyone to spread news about the show on Facebook, Twitter, and your email networks of friends.

This scandal has the potential to do heavy and perhaps irreparable damage to the Church of Scientology. This perhaps is the reckoning that Larry Wright spoke of when he said, "Scientology is heading for a reckoning."

Perhaps it will be the gentle 20-year-old Kyle Brennan, who resisted Scientology handling heroically unto the shedding of his blood, who is the David who will slay the Goliath of the Church of Scientology.

Victoria will be speaking on the eve of the sixth anniversary of his death. Kyle's is not only of interest in the US, but in every country around the world where Scientology abuses 20-year-olds like Kyle and so many other people.

Kyle's grandmother is from Montreal, and A God Discussion show announcement has been posted in French by Anonymous Montreal:

Victoria Britton's husband Rick Britton's mother is Argentine and lives in Buenos Aires as do many of Rick's relatives. Victoria and Rick planned to make a trip to Buenos Aires to visit his step-grandmother, but that was cut short by Kyle's death.

A show announcement in Spanish has been posted by Anonymous Argentina:

I hope many people around the world will be listening to Victoria tomorrow.

The link to the God Discussion show page again:

I would appreciate Denise or anyone posting my remarks her to OCMB. Thanks.
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Show Time: Friday night, February 15, 2013, 6 Pacific / 7 Mountain / 8 Central / 9 Eastern / GMT=Saturday, February 16 @ 3 AM (Additional time conversions at the World Time Server).

As of now, it's around 2.10pm on Friday 15th in LA = less than 3 hours and 50 minutes to go (approx)


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WOW!!! Victoria was amazing!!! She is beautiful inside and out and has a story that every mother and father should hear. And I got to say that IMO I have never known any interview on scientology to be more important than this one. Now to get it up where all can hear it. I highly recommend that this one be spread around everywhere possible.


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Here is the podcast: In my opinion this three hours about Kyle Brennan and about scientology is some of the most important three hours on scientology and organized scientology that has ever been recorded. I cannot recommend enough how much I hope you all listen to this even through it is three hours long. THIS is the real story of scientology. And I hope so very much that many of you will find it in your hearts to spread the news of this interview everywhere you can. The actual show about Kyle and scientology starts at 14:30 . Victoria Britton (Kyle's mother) starts speaking at 19:30 into the interview. My God but I wish the whole world could hear her speak! I will just paste something that I-Betty posted about Victoria's talk on Clambake. I completely agree with her:
This will break your heart.

After almost an hour of incredibly courageous, informative, painful interview,Victoria is given the floor for a few minutes by the two (wonderful)presenters. This is what she says:

"What I would like to say to people is...I would like to ask them this question, to the people who may be thinking about leaving the church of Scientology at this moment, or perhaps they're confused whether they should stay or leave, I want them to ask themselves: what kind of a belief system, one that calls itself a church, is going to ask you to deny the strongest instinct and emotions that make you human, and that is to love and protect your children, and that no organization, especially one that calls itself a church, should ever ask a parent to throw their childaway or to disconnect from them. And to think about that, and when you do don't walk away from this organization. Run, as fast as you can, because your life,or your child's life may depend on that."

Throughout, Victoria spoke with so much calm strength and compassion that it's easy to understand why people like Denise (Born2Shop) and ESMB's Moarxenu, and Victoria's lawyer Luke Lirot, speak with such genuine affection about her.
. Victoria, never a scientologist, has said that better than I ever have. And I will tell you that the rest of the show with talks by Dr Stephen Wiseman, Lance Marcor, David Love and several callers in were the best presentation of the dangers of scientology that I have ever seen. Please do listen and pass this on to all media contacts you may have as well as anyone you might want to help on the road out of scientology or to not get involved with it in the first place. Lastly MODs please help as this is not letting me format paragraphs to help make this make more sense. I don't know if it is because I moved to Windows 8 or not but I can no longer post here like I used to.