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"The Beer of Mongolian Bandits." I like it. I have a warped sense of humor and an over-active imagination, and I visualized the entire TV commercial instantly:

You and your gang of bandits have been riding furiously across the grassland steppes of the Mongolian Plateau, ransacking small villages all along the way. After a successful day of fruitful plunder, you gather around the campfire with your fellow marauders, exchanging heroic stories of triumph and conquest.

Now, it’s Tsingtao time.

From the high peaks of the Khangai Mountains, to the vast reaches of the Gobi Desert, Tsingtao is recognized as Mongolia’s premium beer of choice. So when you knock off for the day, enjoy the hearty full flavor of malt, hops, and rice. Tsingtao beer, the refreshing lager of Mongolian bandits since 1903.

Can someone get me the Tsingtao marketing dept? I think I've got a winner here.

Your enemies are boiled alive...their woman raped and their children tossed on spears. With their fields salted it's Tsingtao Time!


Squirreling Dervish
Tsingtao, the Beer of Mongolian Bandits!

Sleeping wit Mongolian bandits be one strange kink mon, no?
Maybe he catch sumptin mon!
Splains doze fish lips, he be jawin on some fowl quirky jerky mon!.
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