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I will post the scientists and their published works in a separate and new thread as they deserve. But I can tell you now that such subjects as Economics, Politics, Classical Physics also known as material realism or Newtonian Physics and many of your religions are obsolete.

Herewith is a link to an icredible article by By Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.


oh so that was your way of admitting that you just post total BS?

Fair enough.
Since I decided to disconnect from Scientology I have continued my studies on the subject of spirituality of which there is much to study. Many scientists have become involved with research into spirituality, not to be confused with spiritualism, which is synonymous with consciousness. Many of these scientists have been able to use quantum physics in their studies of spirituality and are making incredible discoveries.

L Ron Hubbard in the early years wrote much of what science is writing about today. His lectures on the Philadelphia Doctorate course were quite incredible considering he did not have the tools of the modern day scientist.
However he seemed to go incredibly wrong when he brought out the OT levels. Some say when he researched OT 3 that it was his own case that he was running into and should never have been applied to everyone. I have also read some of the materials to do with NOTS, the L rundowns and OT 8 which I consider to be irrelevant. His policies on disconnection were plain stupid and it is being perpetuated by dumbass idiots like Miscaviage and Starkey who’s education levels must be suspect.

But in the early years not only was he in touch with an ever changing world – an ever changing socio political landscape, in many respects he provided a blueprint for optimal government.

He was far more in sync with the people of the world than your government – regardless of which country you live in.

This material is from 1952


He was living in a delusional fantasy of early 20th century science fiction right from the beginning, the only thing that changed was he drifted into deeper into insanity from his untreated mental illness

By 1968 he was suffering from a self induced state of acute paranoid psychosis and was pretty much completely detached from reality.


Unfortunately for Hubbard and everyone who fell under his spell, there was no one around him alert enough to bitch slap him back into reality and get him some professional help

Eelo Ars

quantum mechanics

Here are some books containing research on the subject.

Lynne McTaggert - The Intention Experiment
- The Field

Gregg Braden - The Devine Matrix

Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief
- Spontaneous Evolution

You will find in these references very strong evidence, backed by the scientific method, that cells do have intelligence and memory. IMO, this relates very well to DMSMH.