L Ron Hubbard Saves The World!!1!!


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What's so funny is that Robert Oppenheimer was on the FBI's top 10 list of people to nab in case of a national security crisis due to his affiliations and membership in the communist party.

This was a big ass deal when he was put in as I/C of the Manhatten Project.

Scientology is such a louse at throwing around names and big shot crap that in one instance they would drop his name for clout for this and if it were to become known of his commie stuff then LRH would've been on the "know" about that and actively thwarting Oppenheimer's evil plots and all that.

Here he's a collaborator and I could easily see him as the villain with other PR spin.

Scientology is stupid...ain't it?

heh! If that meeting ever took place, the more likely event is that L Ron Hubbard tried to inspire the Scientists in such a plot.

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Yes, its true. Here, in his own words, L Ron Hubbard explains how he and Johny Arwine met with many of the top nuclear scientists and physicists in the world at a meeting at CalTech. It was there that L Ron Hubbard discovered that the eeevvill scientists were plotting to take over the the United States and were being led in their devilish plan by none other than Richard Nixon:


This remarkable information was released at the 2012 L Ron Hubbard Birthday Event and was further [STRIKE]embellished[/STRIKE] explained by biographer Dan Sherman when he said:

Read all about it at (and give your click love to) Tony Ortega at the Village Voice.