L Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland 2010


Hollywood Scientology slaves construct L Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland to my consternation


TheEndOfScientology | 12 november 2010

Every year Scientology sends its slaves (called the RPF) to build their Winter Wonderland. Then they use Santa and his free toys to try to indoctrinate children into the cult. I caught up with these poor wretches working all night in unsafe conditions without hardhats. While I was protesting the sight of me and my camera leaning over the fence caught pedestrians attention. I was amazed how interested people were in what was going on. They wanted to know why these people were working at night at what they were building. Unfortunately I didn't get much of that on camera but you can hear a female pedestrian suddenly go into "flash raid" mode as we begged the cultists to flee.


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TheEndOfScientology | 17 november 2010 | A Scietologist throws his coffee in my face. Another one seems to be almost sleepingwalking. Plus a guard at the ABLE facility on Hwd Blvd. and miscellaneous slaves build Christmas sets while violating OSHA regulations.

The BIG, BIG, OSHA NO NO is at 5:50. They're using a personnel boom lift to ALSO lift objects WHILE the person in in the basket. In addition, the person must have a safety harness and MUST be attached to the basket while in it.


There are many views and opinions about AGP. Regardless, he is definitely one of the bigger thorns in the cult's side.

Get 'em, AGP!



repost from 2009 thread

Roan and I got together tonight for dinner and we were going
to see "Burlesque" with Cher. Since it started out very poorly, we decided to

While driving around, we came upon Scientology's "Winter Wonderland".
We safely parked, and walked around--as it was blocked.

The trees looked nice, although having met a few homeless people out infront,
and how very cold it is tonight, I couldn't help wonder how many blankets they
*could* buy (and possibly food they *could* give out) IF they were more concerned
about people in need, vs. their PR.

As people walked by, I began to tell them not to get suckered into Scientology---
that it was a gigantic Con. One lady had bought 2 books, had a "feeling it wasn't
good" and thanked me greatly for the information I told her. She had 2 younger
kids with children with her, and they too thanked me.

Then we talked with the 3 people camped out in front of Scientology. 2 were younger
people. I spent some time talking with them about what they *really* wanted to do,
and hopefully it helped.

Scientology: the DAY you realize what you're doing is failing miserably---will be
the DAY things turn around.

Until? Tick Tock, Tick Tock---Time is on *our* Side.