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LAPD's pro-Sciientology policy: arrest first, ask questions later..


Gold Meritorious SP
Most everyone is aware that Donald Myers (Angry Gay Pope) was arrested & convicted last year of protesting the Delphi children's school in Santa Monica (he accepted a plea deal). As part of his sentencing, he was issued a restraining order preventing him from protesting in front of a Scientology school.

The judge said he could continue to protest on L Ron Hubbard Way, but had to be on the opposite side of the street of Mary's Schoolhouse (Shuttleworth School) when he did so.

Recently, he did just that, the cult called the LAPD, lied, and you see in the video how LAPD officers reacted... he was eventually driven off the property & let go after police realized he didn't violate the RO.

The LAPD's very cozy relationship with Scientology is becoming more & more apparent.