Latest Release - 1,020 Lectures


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It would be interesting to see the running times for the old tapes compared to the new tapes. I wonder how many minutes are missing?

Then to see the official Scion justifications for the missing moments.


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Do you mean the 18 books and DVD? I was just checking the completed listings to see if there were any of these 1,020 lecture packages. I didn't see any. There were a couple of 18-book packages sold for about $20 though. That's $1 a book. :). Hardly worth the hassle of taking it to the post office.


It appeared to be the complete book/lecture Basics package. I just looked on a whim. As I said, there were no bids at the min bid price.


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Did the chick say tat the ACCs and Pro Auditors courses had never before been released?
Wow! Is that whack!
Kinda like when Scn'ists were not allowed to know where the Flagship was, but any Public who cared to call a Port Capt. could find out. The "Public" is much better informed about Scn that Scn'ists.



This is what is called a postulate.
When I was 16 and started in Scientology, the Lady in the Org postulated to me... and boy she was already OTIII back then, "You will buy an E-Meter from me".
Well eh, yes, i never bought one... or i made me one by myself later with the manuals from the freezone.
:omg: Only $7,500


Dear Friend,

Here is what LRH said about the Advanced Clinical Courses:

“I would like to see you get over here for the Clinical Course, as it is one of the greatest experiences that is possible for a human being to have in this lifetime.”

- 30 Advanced Clinical Courses and Professional Course Lectures.

- 1,020 LRH lectures in all.

- Full price $11,550.00. Your discounted package price is $7,500.

With the completion of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course, Scientology 8-8008 and The Factors, L. Ron Hubbard had discovered the potentials of Operating Thetan and the route to its accomplishment. But no matter the heights he had now achieved, his next step of research and development would prove even more momentous. That is, the refinement and simplification of procedures and processes until they could be applied by any auditor to the attainment of those potentials by every being.

In full, here is the momentous LRH chronology of research and development, never before available. Every lecture, every issue, every process. Here is also the accomplishment of the long-hoped-for goal of total knowledge. Not only for the fact one gets it all, but also for the fact that because it’s everything—in sequence as it occurred—the ease of study and duplication has no parallel. With no omissions, one gets it all.

As LRH himself stated, “These tapes provide the only existing running day-to-day, week-to-week record of the progress of research in Dianetics and Scientology. They were blazing a trail from total ignorance of the subject to today. Man knew nothing about the mind when it began and we are where we are today. And these tapes were the milestones on the road out.”

And that is why it was always Ron’s dream that one day the resources and technology would exist to make these lectures available to all. That day has arrived. And for the first time, they can all be yours.

YOU ARE BUYING THE ACCs FROM ME. Why? Because you need them desperately and you don’t need to talk to anyone else about it. It’s why LRH worked for 60 years and what Chairman of the Board RTC worked unrelentingly for – to put these sparkling tools of freedom into your hands.

Call me at 323-953-3462.

ARC, Nancy Vaughan

Snr LRH Materials Consultant ASHO Day

323-953-3462 desk

323-833-2180 cell

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Is Nancy Vaughan the same person as Nancy Porter? She was married to Jeff Porter, the PAC security chief. She was the BSO at CCI for a while in the mid 80's, and then held some other hats there. I think she was CMO before she was at CCI (she had kids with Jeff Porter.)