Lawrence Wright Publisher Defends Book Against Church Of Scientology Claims


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There's a very good article in the Huffington Post!

A spokesman for Knopf, Wright's publisher, responded to church claims that the book wasn't properly fact-checked or vetted in an email to The Huffington Post:

"Wright spent several years researching and writing GOING CLEAR. During that time he conducted over 250 interviews, the majority of them with present and former Scientologists; sourced original material about the Church and its founder; read thousands of documents; and did extensive reporting. He was assisted by a fact checker throughout the process. The fact checker was in contact with the Church numerous times prior to publication, having sent over 150 queries to one of their spokespeople. The Church responded slowly and evasively, frequently putting forth their own agenda and complaining about the focus of Wright’s reporting rather than addressing Wright’s queries. Additionally, Wright provided officials from the Church with repeated opportunities to speak on the record and they declined to do so. As part of the publication process, the book went through a vigorous vetting by Random House counsel. It is worth noting that Wright is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and the genesis of this book –- his The New Yorker article about Paul Haggis (“The Apostate”) -– won the National Magazine Award for reporting. Given the arc and scope of Wright’s narrative, and the readership it is likely to draw, it is unsurprising that the Church has chosen to vilify Wright, as well as reach out to media organizations in an effort to influence their coverage of his book.”

The entire article is worth checking out and details how the CoS had planned the "advertorial" on the Atlantic website since last summer in response to the Lawrence Wright book coming out. :)


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:thumbsup: The publisher statement has a lot more credibility that the cult's response.:biggrin:


The Vid below the article is great stuff, too. :yes:

Larry talks about every good story needing a "Donkey" to carry it forward...Paul Haggis, bless his Heart, is the magnificent Donkey upon whose strong, noble and aching back this Story was carried home. :clap:

And, DM and his goons are like a bunch of jackasses stuck out in a hailstorm...The only thing they can do is stand there and take it. :coolwink:

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