Leah Remini - "Chelsea Lately" TV Interview - Air Date: September 19, 2013


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Tonight, Leah Remini's interview with Chelsea Handler on the Chelsea Lately show will air on cable television's "E!" network. (11:00 p.m.)

Here's a link to the show's website: http://www.eonline.com/shows/chelsea/news/334210/chelsea-lately-guests-10-8-10-11

Just viewed a prior interview on Chelsea Lately's YouTube channel and it was very, very funny. I didn't know the two had worked together previously on a now-cancelled web-based show*.

JB (*That web-based show also involved "Melinda" - the same woman who, I think, hosted the 'strategy meeting' Kirstie Alley tweeted about in the days following Ms. Remini's departure from Co$.)

[EDIT: Melinda Brownstone - here's a link w/more info about this woman from The Underground Bunker: http://tonyortega.org/2013/07/16/sc...t-in-good-standing-are-ordered-to-disconnect/ ]
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well, I saw it and ..... Other than a bunch of trash talk between Leah and Chelsea and some business about dancing with the stars, Scientology wasn't mentioned, but alluded to - I heard you have left the Catholic Church - it was Chelsea's patented banter/ sthick.



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Only one reference to Leah Remini having left Co$/scientology, as Mimsey correctly states above, so apologies to all for having started a new thread. I'd mistakenly thought the interview would include questions/answers about the cult.

Here's a small promo clip from the ChelseaLately YouTube channel which features a DWTS 'sexy face':


This clip, from the same source, shows a bit of the interview, too: