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Leah Remini Files Missing-Person Report on Scientology leader’s wife

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by BlackRob, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. BlackRob

    BlackRob Gold Meritorious Patron

    Here is the official police report

    I don't have a clue what the fuck that was all about. Anyway:

  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  3. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader,0,5801327.story

  4. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  5. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Mike makes excellent points.

    "The Church of Spin
    August 9, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

    Miscavige sockpuppet, Karin Pinocchio Pouw is at it again.

    The “church,” as they always do, have turned the Shelly Miscavige missing person report into an excuse to launch more of their patented footbullets.

    With a straight face, they are alleging to the Hollywood Reporter and other media that this is “ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion”? Say what?"
  6. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Next somebody will be writing Leah up with a False Report Report.
  7. Stephanie

    Stephanie Patron with Honors

    I reading stories that the LAPD has already spoken to Shelly and the report is unfounded. Don't believe that at all.
  8. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    Unfortunately Leah is just catching up with what we already knew---LAPD is the cult's bitch. :sad:

    It still rocks that she did it.
  9. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


  10. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

  11. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Use the Celluar Film Icon to post vids

  12. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    If I was any good with shoops I would have a picture of Barney Fife, wearing an LAPD badge on the phone with a fat, hairy, ugly phone sex operator, saying "yes, this is Shelly. Whom am I speaking to?" with one of those jagged tears down the middle between them.

  13. Xenu's Boyfriend

    Xenu's Boyfriend Silver Meritorious Patron

    It may have been said earlier, but I think we also owe a debt for this campaign to Katie Holmes.

    When she fucked Tom Cruise, divorced him and escaped from Scientology the way she did, she paved the way for something like this. And thank you to Jenna Miscavige Hill who wet the media's appetite most recently so a story like this would make major headlines.

    Also, thank you to Anonymous, as always, for standing up to one of the biggest bullies on the planet.
  14. Xenu's Boyfriend

    Xenu's Boyfriend Silver Meritorious Patron

    COS and DM are going to lie and say that Shelly Miscavige had cancer, refused treatment and died privately at home.

    The church will get a slap on the wrist for not reporting her death properly but they will say that didn't want to upset church members at the time.

    Eventually someone will come forward and report details surrounding her death. Criminal charges will eventually be filed. FINALLY. This will be the biggest scandal for the church since Operation Snow White.

    Lisa McPherson we will never forget you.
  15. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  16. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  17. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  18. iHateDuplicity

    iHateDuplicity Patron with Honors

  19. PTS

    PTS Elliott

    I guess that's that. I'm not ready to be all conspiratorial about the LAPD just because I dislike the resolution. Shelley Miscavige may well be content where she is. Given the cult's history I am not prepared to believe that she is not somehow being coerced or controlled but how would we prove that? At least we know that she is alive and well (I think?).
  20. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader