Leah Remini on "Access Hollywood" Talking "Troublemaker."

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Can I gripe a little here? YouTube has pulled this video due to a copyright claim from "Access Hollywood." Now, it's not the network itself, poster is very careful which networks that they post video from (the cable networks tend to be more inclined to claim copyright infringement than the networks, and the smaller networks tend to do it more than the major networks) and they have several news stories critical of Scientology/Narconon posted that originally ran on NBC. BTW, interesting that both NBC and CBS did very little coverage around Leah Ramini's book, even though she did a brilliant job of promoting said. ABC was very aggressive in covering Leah and her tour, featuring her on several of their news programs and entertainment shows, ("20/20," "The Rachel Ray Show," "World News Tonight," etc.). Note to the other guys, they also scored big time in the ratings (hello, that means money, which is why y'all got into the broadcast business in the first place!!) with Leah.

A little background on ABC, and I'm guessing that a lot of people on here are aware of this history, but I'll mention it anyway. Apparently, when ABC's "Nightline" devoted coverage to claims that David Miscavige had physically abused executives in the Church back in 2009, Scientology lawyers threatened to bring down all kinds of hell on the network in response. Never mind that they never actually did anything, apparently the threats themselves were enough to pretty much cow the network into submission. Exes and other activists have contacts with ABC affiliates who had done a lot of work on stories that were shelved because of legal concerns, only to see them rush them to air when the landscape was right (like when Katie left Tom, lol!).

Anyway, ABC seems to have adopted a "semi-bullet-proof" strategy for dealing with Scientology; if someone like Leah Remini comes along who is willing to take all the legal heat that comes with speaking out about Scientology, ABC will cover it all day long. Makes sense, the lawyers figure they can't get sued for someone else making claims about The Church.

I know that I strayed from the original subject of "Access Hollywood," but I guess it's really just to provide some context on their decision to claim copyright foul. I mean, in their desire to suck up to Tom Cruise, they have done an absolutely wretched job in covering Scientology, which has mostly consisted in regurgitating whatever nonsense Cruise has spewed forth (portions of which they rebroadcast in their coverage of Remini and her book, way to revisit your abject failures, AH!!

I wonder if Cruise is actually starting to flex his muscle where he still has some (re: with the gutless entertainment press) and this might portend the beginning of his rumored "anti-Leah" press offensive. So he's pushing outlets like "AH" to at least squelch content that has been posted online.

Anyway, thanks, "Access Hollywood," you're officially a bunch of wusses.