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Leah Remini on the Joe Rogan Experience

EZ Linus

Cleared Tomato
I wasn't sure where to post this or if anyone already did, but Leah did a two hour interview with Joe Rogan. I haven't watched it yet. I will later tonight, but I did click on the link when I first received the news, and get this... an advertisement came on beforehand (as they often do) and it was an anti-Scientology and the Aftermath show promotion. Their marketing slogan was, "Stop the bigotry." I was dumbfounded and have been reloading it to catch it again so I can pause it this time, but I haven't seen it again. As if that will "fool" people into thinking badly of her before two hours of commentary.

Anyway, here's the link to Joe Rogan's show.


Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
I had missed the first posting and watched this last night.

I knew I liked what she was doing with her program... Now I admire her. She is interesting, smart, articulate and more.

The best compliment I can pay anyone is that I would like to get snowed into a truck stop with them. When snowed in at a truck stop all you can do is sit and talk until the roads open. She is now on my list.

I would like to thank her in person one day for what she has done.

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