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Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath nominated for award


A personal comment about this series:

This series aired on New Zealand TV (on Sky I believe) late last year.

People I know watched it. They were deeply moved. There were tears and anger and a range of other emotions. I dealt with passionate phone calls and people that normally don't swear, swearing about the insanity of scientology.

This series has been a game-changer in my little world. It opened up dialogue. Sometimes I literally could not get a word in because of the passion Leah, and team, generated in my friends/family.

This series is powerful. It is having a serious impact out in the world. It is raising awareness about the true nature of scientology.

I am very grateful. My respect and love to Leah, and the team.


It's something to see that Leah Remini has gutted the carcass.

Frankly, I foolishly thought it was more formidable than this.

There's a recent play about her that comes with an apparent faux official Scientology release dissing the cast and Leah. It is a parody of what Scientology actually does.

The only life Scientology can get is to blood suck another cult.