Leaked: South African Scientology Ideal Org videos


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From the South African Independent Scientology blog, Scientologists getting back in comm:

South African Ideal Org videos

Two ideal org videos have been leaked online. The first, from 2010 and the other from 2012. Both are meant as promo videos for ideal orgs intended to help extract money from Scientologists.

South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #1 from Deez Nutz on Vimeo.

This is a 12 minute video which opens with Sally-Anne Cooke, the OT Committee Chairman, appealing to Scientologists to support Ideal Orgs. The following are some of the claims that are made in this video:

  • The claim is made that there are 188 orgs in the world and that the 8 Ideal Orgs that existed at the time out produced the other 180 orgs combined. Given the level of production in Joburg in 2010 this does not bode well for the level of production for the Scientology org network globally.
  • The Braamfontein Life Improvement Centre is the largest and most productive in the world.
  • The average number of new people onto the Bridge from the Life Improvement Centre is 20-30 per week. See our article on the current state of the Life Improvement Centre. If it ever was that productive it certainly isn’t now.
  • Bulawayo & Harare ideal orgs are fully funded and ground breaking is imminent. 3 1/2 years later and still nothing.
  • All African ideal orgs are 75% funded. Yet only one more ideal org has opened since then.

In our view, however, the most egregious bit of sleight of hand comes at 11.40 in the video. The following LRH quote is given:
“Your donation is supporting the greatest hope that man has ever had and the churches and people vital to its survival and increase.
“Your donation does what it takes to get the job done.”

This quote comes from a policy titled “What your Donations Buy”. This policy was originally called “What your Fees Buy”. The word “fee” was changed “donation” sometime in the 70s to make it more religious sounding. But the policy explicitly talks about donations for training and processing. Now the word “donation” is used so hey-presto, abracadabra and just like that: LRH sanctioned donations! It is truly revolting.

Here’s the second video:

South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #2
from Deez Nutz on Vimeo.

The four people featured are the EDs of Joburg Day, Foundation and North with the ED Pretoria conducting the tour for them through the construction site of the Pretoria building. There is a startling amount of joking and degrading. It’s mostly a lot of fluff but at 5.27 they are at an upstairs part of the building in a space with no wall. They look down over the edge and joke about how this is for the serious ethics particles. It’s a “too gruesome”. While obviously a joke it gives insight into the heavy ethics mindset.




Cool! Thanks guys, the still on the second vid made me cringe, like WTF? (I used to be a builder)~ worst brick work ever, almost, sort-of. :p

Its all so sad :unsure:


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Congratulations to Florence!

It's always soooooooo wonderful to hear someone who has gotten free....really free.

:bighug: to ALL



Cool! Thanks guys, the still on the second vid made me cringe, like WTF? (I used to be a builder)~ worst brick work ever, almost, sort-of. :p

Ahem. This is South Africa. Down here, that counts as *good* brickwork. Srsly.

It's a standards thing. We don't have 'em much.


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It is a wall, it stands upright (mostly). It keeps out the rain (mostly). Can't see the problem. Don't sweat the small stuff.
These foreigners are very picky picky.

TIA Tolerance is a wise decision for good mental health for everyone.


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Oh My Gad ! ! !

That bunch on the second vid (gasp)

a) It was WONDERFUL to here all those South African accents.

b) Equally lovely to hear a bunch of Japies taking the pis out of each other like that. All that banter makes me quite homesick.

c) Human Rights?? In Scientology?? Surely not.

d) I wish them all the best of luck.


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One of those videos, I forget which one, says that with Joburg Org now having its Ideal status and high productivity levels, they were now sending more people overseas to upper level Orgs than all of the other Orgs in Africa combined.


So if all the other Orgs sent none, and Joburg Org sent one staff member for Flag training, then that would count, wouldn't it? It would make the claim true.



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Its cringe worthy to see their attempts to look professional. Those building standards look way substandard. Standards must of dropped since I left South Africa almost 20 years ago. I do miss the sunshine, food and mix of people though. Just not the first 15 years of my life stuck in that cult. Anyone else notice too that scientology seems to be as white as ever over there. South Africa might of changed but the cult is trapped in a time warp. Thanks for the post! :)