Learning how to converse normally again...


I like the kind with pix, movies or stills. (See? I've now confirmed some of the worst accusations made about me by some who seemed...ummm...concerned. Yes, a heterosexual woman over the age of 21 likes penises. Get over it.)

if you are under 40 and like to dress in corsets too than I go Mrauw

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if you are under 40 and like to dress in corsets too than I go Mrauw

Neither apply to me, of course, but I still am able to command the attention of men much younger than I. I'll probably be able to continue to do so for a couple more decades, at least, I'm sure.


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the language

Took me a long time to drop the language. Much longer to drop the faulty logic behind much of the language.

Cycle of action = task
Low toned = morose
mu = misunderstanding
battleplan = daily task list

Another huge part of the language was copious swearing. Fuck this, fuck that, that fucking asshole, you fucking dipshit son of a bitch, you can go fuck yourself, total fucking asshole, shithead, fucking shithead.

It's like the marines or sailors or bikers and from where I sit now--inappropriate in most business and family settings. Cleaning fuck and shit and asshole out of my vocabulary was the hardest. I'm sure I sound like a prude but for the past 25 years, I have not worked with any group that swore as much or as intently as the cos. The swearing defines you as a salty. It's surprising how offended many people are by swearing.


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I shouldn't say this, maybe, but I will anyway- after all, most of you know me pretty well...

And if we didn't before.... :yes:

There's a Scn expression I've sort of changed around a bit for my own use...I'm wondering if anyone else here has used it this way, and that is:

"EP"-- used as "did you come?" or "cum" "ejaculate", etc.

I mean, let's face it. It's so neat and elegant. "Let's take this to EP." "He EP'd inside of me..."

Never really dating within Scn, no, I haven't.